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S0006 S6 Services
  • Sue Pascual
Animal Communication
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I can communicate telepathically with pets/animals in the present and with those who have crossed over. To better understand your animal friends, find out about their thoughts and behaviors. Time and location to be arranged. 1 1 000050.0 50 .0002E7 20 N N N
E0002 E2 Excursions
  • Sue Pascual
Alternative Healing
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Have a healing session with a therapy horse at Serendipity Stables near Marysville. Through interaction, individual's emotional, physical and mental states are enhanced. Time to be arranged. 4 4 000025.0 25 .00025E7 25 N N N
F0002 F2 Fellowship Activities
  • Sarah Jordan & Mark DeBruin
  • Mark DeBruin
Think & Drink Locally
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Around Ohio in a dozen beers. If you are a craft beer lover or just want to figure out what you don't hate, this is the event for you. From ales to stouts, let's see what the numerous local breweries have to offer. Light snacks with a spring theme since it is The vernal equinox. Optional Cards Against Humanity if enough interested players. (Note we live in London Ohio) 10 10 000040.0 40 .0002E7 20 5/3/20 7:30 PM N N N
MM0003 MM3 Meals and More
  • Patricia & Jeffrey Boughton
Happy Little Trees - Bob Ross painting, eating, and drinking party
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Enjoy painting, eating, and drinking with friends during this relaxed Joy of Painting tribute. Unwind by listening to the soothing sounds of Bob's directions and putting paint to canvas. Or just come to eat and watch! 1 1 000045.0 45 .0003E7 30 3/20/20 7:00 PM Y Y N
FD0005 FD5 Food
  • Patricia & Jeffrey Boughton
Two Dozen Exquisitely Decorated Cupcakes
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Two dozen delectable cupcakes (or a cake) made from scratch by Audrey Boughton. Artistically decorated with exquisite buttercream.
One week's notice, please.
2 2 000035.0 35 .0003E7 30 N N N
S0005 S5 Services
  • Patricia & Jeffrey Boughton
Four Hours of Lawn Work/Landscaping
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Offered by 19 year old Trevor Boughton - 4 intense hours of landscaping/lawn work/ or heavy labor. Mulch, trimming, weeding, lawn mowing, moving boxes or heavy items, etc.

Last summer I did yard work for the Dawsons and others. If you do not win this item I am also available for hire this spring and summer, 614-316-9997.

1 1 000120.0 120 .0006E7 60 N N N
MM0002 MM2 Meals and More
  • Patricia & Jeffrey Boughton
French Country Dinner
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Join us for a delectable French meal inspired by Provence. Relax on our patio, and the flavors will transport you to the French countryside. Enjoy wine, soup, salad, appetizers, chicken entree (vegetarian option), cheeses, and a mouth-watering dessert. 8 8 000055.0 55 .0004E7 40 9/19/20 7:00 PM N N N
MM0001 MM1 Meals and More
  • Cynthia & Roger Hansen
Italian Fiesta Night
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Our sixth annual Italian auction dinner and social. We will dazzle you (dazzle might be a stretch) with a variety of pasta with homemade sauces, appetizers, salad, bread, wine, and dessert. We will provide the food and drink, and you'll provide the fun!
Ask anyone who has attended this dinner in the past, it's not one to miss.
14 14 000025.0 25 .00025E7 25 5/16/20 6:30 PM N N N
E0001 E1 Excursions
  • Jim Pinkham
NetJets Private Tour
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Read David McCullough's "The Wright Brothers" first to appreciate how far aviation technology has advanced, and Ohio's starring role in its history. Then come spend a few hours on a Sunday afternoon in May with Jim for a tour of his workplace. The highlight will be a chance to view the hangar where several business jets are usually being worked on, and we can take a peek inside one and imagine experiencing this luxury method of travel either as a pilot or passenger. 8 8 000045.0 45 .00015E7 15 5/10/20 1:00 PM N N N
S0004 S4 Services
  • Jim Pinkham & Danya Furda
Airport Shuttle
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We live near the airport in Gahanna. Drive to our house, and let us drop you off and pick you up from the airport. Your car stays safe in our driveway. Date and time will be decided with the buyer with reasonable advance notice. Save on taxi fare or parking! Expires on February 1, 2020. 2 2 000040.0 40 .0002E7 20 N N N
S0003 S3 Services
  • Brittany Hulbert
Beginner Knitting Class
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Learn basic techniques from a new UU happy to share her love of knitting. We will start at the beginning and create something together. Date to be arranged. 1 1 000035.0 35 .00015E7 15 N N N
FD0004 FD4 Food
  • Sharon Hamersley
Mint Chocolate Cheesecake
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What's better than chocolate cheesecake? Mint chocolate cheesecake! A mouthwatering dessert for your special event. One week's notice please. 1 1 000030.0 30 .0002E7 20 N N N
FD0003 FD3 Food
  • Cathy O'Neil
Very Rummy Yellow Rum Cake
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A whole cup of rum goes into this delicious yellow Bundt cake with walnut topping. Great for the holidays. One week's notice please. 1 1 000030.0 30 .00015E7 15 N N N
FD0002 FD2 Food
  • Cathy O'Neil
Mildly Rummy Chocolate Rum Cake
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If you prefer your rum flavor on the subtle side, this is the cake for you. Chocolate Bundt cake with sour cream, chocolate chips, nuts and just a hint of rum. One week's notice please. 1 1 000030.0 30 .00015E7 15 N N N
FD0001 FD1 Food
  • Sharon Hamersley
Delicious Pies by Sharon
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What's your pleasure? Blueberry? Cherry? Pumpkin? Sharon will bake a homemade pie to your specifications. Can make sugar-free filling or gluten-free crust if needed. One week's notice please. 4 4 000020.0 20 .00015E7 15 N N N
S0002 S2 Services
  • Marilyn Webster
Toenail Trimming
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I trimmed people's toenails for LifeCare Alliance as a Wellness Nurse for 12 years, and I had very positive responses from my clients.

This service is not a pedicure; I don't paint toenails. But trimming toenails reduces calluses and makes walking more comfortable.

1 1 000035.0 35 .00035E7 35 N N N
S0001 S1 Services
  • Rev. Marian Stewart
  • Rev. Eric Meter
Sermon Topic
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Winner will have the opportunity to consult with Rev. Marian or Eric on a sermon topic of winner's choice. 1 1 000300.0 300 .0015E7 150 N N N
M0001 M1 Miscellaneous
  • First UU Church
Reserved Parking Space
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You will always have a space on Sundays right in front of the church! Spaces are reserved through the end of the second Sunday morning service, so there is no restriction on arrival time. 2 2 000300.0 300 .001E7 100 N N N