Welcome to the The Intergalactic Gala Website!  Our Gala is a giant interspecies gathering this spring where ALL earthlings and extraterrestrials are welcome! Members and our ET friends will get together to boldly go where no church has gone before in giving generously to fund our church! What do you have that is other worldy that ensure the winning bidder is One with the Force?

You can bring your items for the silent auction to church prior to the auction (if small) or the day of the auction.


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Item No.DonorFeatured ItemDateQty$ Each
X3 Rev. Bill Gupton
Sermon for Sale
This popular item allows the winning bidder to select the topic for an upcoming Sunday service led by our Senior Minister, Rev. Bill Gupton. Exact date by mutual agreement, between now and Jan. 12, 2020.
1 200.0

Volunteer Opportunities: Connect with Jaime Castle to inquire about volunteering and join the intergalactic team!

  • Set up/decorating
  • Clean up Crew - An important Crew!!!
  • Donate Items / Dinners - Use this website to submit your item descriptions! What could be easier!
  • Food and Beverage help/donations
  • Photographer