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Item0 Item Category Donor Item Name Picture Description Qty Est0 Est Val Min0 Min Price Date
X0004 X4 Experiences Barbara Rohrer A Kayak Picnic Kayak local waters with a stop along the way for a picnic! This experience is to be scheduled during the summer months on a mutually agreeable date between the donor and the buyers. The waterway will be chosen in consultation with the buyers, and the picnic will be tailored to the buyers' tastes. This is a summer event. Expect to be on the waters between two to four hours No experience necessary. The reserved price below reflects the price for two, not per individual. This experience should be auctioned as a single item accommodating two people. Questions? Call or see Barbara Rohrer. 2 .000009E9 90 .0000045E9 45
F0001 F1 Food/Meal items Russ and Rae Jane Araujo Extra Strong Chex Mix for Your Party This is traditional Chex Mix, but made with a greater ratio of spices to chex. Delivered to you at church in a full 1-gallon plastic storage bag. Please order at least three weeks in advance. 2 .0000007E9 7 .0000003E9 3
S0001 S1 Personal Services Sam and Peg Fay Feder Genealogy assistance This is a 2 hour consultation at the buyer's home. We'll use my Ancestry.com and other accounts to see who we can add to your family tree. No promises but we will have fun.

I've been enjoying this hobby for more than 20 years and have had some success. I also have a basic understanding of the use of DNA in genealogy and am happy to share what I know. My DNA is on file at Ancestry, 23 and Me, and My Heritage. I've found a living 2nd cousin once removed back in Germany, and two living half-sisters from my father's first marriage, among others.

1 .00001E9 100 .000003E9 30
M0001 M1 Miscellaneous Rev. Bill Gupton Wedding for Sale Our Senior Minister, Rev. Bill Gupton, will officiate at a wedding of your choice. His customary fee for non-members is $300 ($350 including a wedding rehearsal). May be given as a gift to someone you know.
The fine print: 1. Buy this for someone else if you are a church member; ceremonies for church members are free anyway! 2. Weddings outside Cincinnati will require additional travel and lodging expenses. 3. Subject to availability (i.e., Rev. Bill must be available for the date of the wedding, of course). 4. Includes one pre-wedding planning meeting with the couple (no pre-marital counseling). 5. Seller reserves the right to decline "extreme" weddings such as those that involve skydiving, scuba diving, etc.
1 .000035E9 350 .000015E9 150
X0003 X3 Experiences Rev. Bill Gupton Sermon for Sale This popular item allows two winning bidders (one sermon each) to select the topic for an upcoming Sunday service led by our Senior Minister, Rev. Bill Gupton. Exact date by mutual agreement. 1 .00002E9 200 .00001E9 100
X0002 X2 Experiences Rev. Bill Gupton A Tour of Queen City UUism, Past and Present Rev. Bill will take the highest bidders (two if in his car, up to five if someone provides a minivan) on a tour of Cincinnati Unitarian Universalist sites, and offer narrative history and background. Stops will include all current UU churches, the former location of First Universalist Church on Essex Place, other now-defunct UU churches, maybe even a cemetery or two. It all depends on what the group is interested in seeing and learning about. This is a full afternoon of sight-seeing, history-experiencing, and community-building. To take place on a mutually agreed upon Saturday or a Sunday afternoon this summer or fall. 5 .000004E9 40 .0000025E9 25
X0001 X1 Experiences Rev. Bill Gupton Board Game Fun with The Rev. Rev. Bill will meet you and up to seven friends (total 8 players) at The Rook OTR, Cincinnati's first, only, and definitely hippest board game parlor for a memorable night (or afternoon) of game playing with The Rev. (and, if she's available, Jennifer too). How will we choose which one (or two, or three) of the nearly 1,000 games we'll play? Board game parlors are loads of fun, and The Rook (https://www.facebook.com/therookotr/) is no exception! Date and time to be mutually determined. Warning: Competitiveness may ensue. 8 .000002E9 20 .000002E9 20
G0001 G1 Gift Certificates or Cards Jaime Castle $100 Boca Gift Card http://bocacincinnati.com 1 .00001E9 100 .000005E9 50