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Item0 Item Category Donor Item Name Picture Description Qty Est0 Est Val Min0 Min Price Date
H0001 H1 Handmade Items Terri Gaitskill White Afgan A handmade white Afgan that is about 50in by 60in. 1 .000005E9 50 .0000025E9 25
C0001 C1 Cash and Carry items Rebecca Pace Dog Toy and $15.00 Gift Certificate from AT Family Pet Center
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$15.00 Gift Certificate for Anderson Township Family Pet Center at 6666 Clough Pike and cute, green, lizard Mighty Micro Fiber dog toy from MyDogToy.com Durable Quality, Washable. 1 .0000028E9 28 .000002E9 20
E0004 E4 Education Barbara Rohrer Young Adult Triiology by Isabel Allende New York Times Best-Selling Author Isabel Allende's young adult trilogy -- City of the Beasts, Kingdom of the Golden Dragon, and Forest of the Pygmies -- take a reader of any age on an journey of high adventure, personal quests, and magical realism. 1 .0000045E9 45 .0000015E9 15
J0001 J1 Jewelry/Home Goods Barbara Rohrer Classic Coffee & Tea Set
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A lovely green and plum single serving tea pot with lid and matching cup, all fitting together in one stacked elegant design. 1 .0000015E9 15 .000001E9 10
E0003 E3 Education Barbara Rohrer A Space Odyssey Four beautifully produced children's books for all ages by Usborne, the renowned independent British publisher and distributor of educational books and other resources. The collection includes (1) The Story of Astronomy and Space by Louie Stowell & Peter Allen; (2) 100 Things to Know About Space by Alex Frith, Alice James & Jerome Martin and illustrated by Federico Mariani & Shaw Nielsen; (3) 100 Paper Spaceships to Fold & Fly by Andy Tudor, Hannah Ahmed & Brian Voakes; and (4) Time Walker: One boy, one chance to save the future of mankind, a young adult novel by Justin Stanchfield. 1 .000004E9 40 .0000025E9 25
E0002 E2 Education Barbara Rohrer A Shakespeare Trove Three beautifully produced children's books for all ages by Usborne, the renowned independent British publisher and distributor of educational books and other resources. The collection includes (1) Illustrated Stories from Shakespeare by Rosie Dickens et al and illustrated by Christa Unzner et al; (2) World of Shakespeare Reference Book by Rosie Dickens and illustrated by Galia Bernstein; (3) Where's Will? Find Shakespeare Hidden in His Plays by Anna Claybourne and illustrated by Tilly. 1 .0000045E9 45 .0000025E9 25
A0001 A1 Art and/or Entertainment Bob & Jackie Drake cross of ice photograph
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16"X20" matted framed photograph taken in Conkle's Hollow, Hocking Hills Ohio 1 .00001E9 100 .0000025E9 25 4/29/17 6:00 PM
L0002 L2 Live Auction items Terry Planitzer 8 Hours of Handyman Work Have a garage that needs cleaned out? Are you halfway through a project that you started 2 years ago? Is your honey-do list too long? I’m here to help! I have over 15 years of practice with getting my own home projects accomplished. Just so you know….I’m not afraid of heights or spiders. 1 .000012E9 120 .000008E9 80
F0002 F2 Homemade Food/Meal items Tamilyn Thompson and Nicole Dangelo Tamilyn's Famous Buckeyes
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Hand mixed, rolled, and dipped, these buckeyes have been a traditional offering at the Auction since Tamilyn first joined the church. Each "batch" is approximately 60 buckeyes. Delivery will occur in November/December - arranged with winning bidder. 6 .000006E9 60 .0000025E9 25
L0001 L1 Live Auction items Rev. Bill Gupton Sermon for Sale This popular item allows two winning bidders (one sermon each) to select the topic for on upcoming Sunday reflection by our Senior Minister, Rev. Bill Gupton. Exact date by mutual agreement. 1 .00002E9 200 .00001E9 100
E0001 E1 Education Rev. Bill Gupton A Tour of Queen City UUism, Past and Present Rev. Bill Gupton will take the highest bidders (two if in his car, up to five if someone offers a minivan) on a tour of Cincinnati Unitarian Universalist sites, and offer narrative history and background. Stops will include all current UU churches, the former location of First Universalist Church on Essex Place, other now-defunct UU churches, maybe even a cemetery or two. It all depends on what the group is interested in seeing and learning about, but we'll make a full afternoon of it. To take place on a mutually agreed upon Saturday or a Sunday afternoon this summer or fall. 5 .000004E9 40 .000002E9 20
G0002 G2 Gift Cards Leslie Woodward $50 Buca di. Beppo Gift Card Enjoy some amazing Italian cuisine at this authentic Italian resturant 1 .000005E9 50 .0000025E9 25
G0001 G1 Gift Cards Edible Arrangements Edible Arrangements - 12 ct. box of chocolate dipped fruit The mission at Edible Arrangements is to wow you! Let yourself be "wowed" or wow a friend with a 12 ct box of fruit covered in chocolate! Items must be pre-ordered. To order by phone, dial 241.1330. Delivery is available at your expense. Gift card expires on Dec 31, 2016. 1 .0000029E9 29 .0000015E9 15
F0001 F1 Homemade Food/Meal items John and Julia Sandman Homemade Bread - 4 loaves - TOP 2 BIDDERS EACH WIN.
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John Sandman will make you 4 loaves of homemade bread at your convenience. you can get them all at once or in pairs of 2. Varieties are Regular, Cinnamon Raisin, Garlic and the most popular - Cinnamon peanut butter chocolate chip! 2 .000002E9 20 .000001E9 10