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Item0 Item Category Donor Item Name Picture Description Qty Left Est0 Est Val Min0 Min Price Date
M0018 M18 Miscellaneous HUUC Church ziti ziti 1 -2 .0E9 0 .0E9 0
M0017 M17 Miscellaneous HUUC Church entry fee entry 1 -34 .000001E9 10 .000001E9 10
M0016 M16 Miscellaneous HUUC Church Dish wash Dish Wash 1 -25 .0000005E9 5 .0000005E9 5
M0015 M15 Miscellaneous HUUC Church Bar tab drink 1 -17 .0000002E9 2 .0000002E9 2
J0029 J29 Jewelry/Home Goods Ken and Carol Deem 5 flower bowls 5 glass bowls 1 0 .000002E9 20 .0000005E9 5
G0031 G31 Gift Cards Mike and Ann Roberts $25.00 Gift Card Urban Grill $25.00 Gift Card to the new restaurant in Newtown. 1 0 .0000025E9 25 .0000015E9 15
H0005 H5 Handmade Items Nancy Ott Throw Size Quilt A Handmade Throw Size Quilt 1 1 .000004E9 40 .000001E9 10
E0008 E8 Education Becky Mathey 7 favorite books read by HUUC's own Babes with Books Book Club Can't make it to Heritage's book club? Enjoy 7 of the book club's favorite books at rates comparable to Half-Price Books. Pay under half of the cost of these unread or gently read books. Titles are: The Time Traveler's Wife, The Bean Trees, Eat, Pray, Love, Cutting for Stone, The Memory Keeper's Daughter and The Kite Runner. 1 0 .0000042E9 42 .000002E9 20
A0022 A22 Art and/or Entertainment HUUC Auction Team Children's Auction Item: Yahtzee to go! This great travel yahtzee set will keep everyone entertained on those long car rides this summer. 1 0 .0000006E9 6 .0000003E9 3
J0020 J20 Jewelry/Home Goods HUUC Auction Team Children's Auction Item: Wall Tumblers Ninja Force Wall Walkers - Set of 3 1 0 .0000002E9 2 .0000001E9 1
A0023 A23 Art and/or Entertainment HUUC Auction Team Children's Auction Item: Horse Trailer and Girls World figures Endless hours of fun with this horse trailer and girls world figurines. 1 0 .0000016E9 16 .0000008E9 8
A0024 A24 Art and/or Entertainment HUUC Auction Team Children's Auction Item: Spiderman Puzzle and Space Team firgures Look forward to lots of fun with this Spiderman puzzle (48 pieces) and set of Space figures. 1 0 .0000008E9 8 .0000004E9 4
A0025 A25 Art and/or Entertainment HUUC Auction Team Children's Auction Item: Water Play With this water table, rescue boat, and Navy Seals play set you will be more than ready for playing in the water this summer. 1 0 .0000021E9 21 .000001E9 10
A0026 A26 Art and/or Entertainment HUUC Auction Team Children's Auction Item: Slip and Slide The weather is just about warm enough for outdoor water. Be ready when it arrives with this classic outdoor water fun, the Slip and Slide. 1 0 .0000008E9 8 .0000004E9 4
A0027 A27 Art and/or Entertainment HUUC Auction Team Children's Auction Item: MegaBlocks Check out this great set of MegaBlocks for all your building needs. 1 0 .0000008E9 8 .0000004E9 4
M0014 M14 Miscellaneous HUUC Auction Team Children's Auction Item: Mermaid Pants For all those dreaming of being a mermaid. 1 0 .0000013E9 13 .0000006E9 6
J0021 J21 Jewelry/Home Goods HUUC Auction Team Children's Auction Item: Giraffe Who can resist such a cute giraffe toy. 3 2 .0000003E9 3 .0000002E9 2
M0012 M12 Miscellaneous HUUC Auction Team Children's Auction Item: Outdoor Play Children's hockey sticks and puck and a outdoor ball for all your outdoor play fun. 1 0 .0000004E9 4 .0000002E9 2
J0022 J22 Jewelry/Home Goods HUUC Auction Team Children's Auction Item: Lego Minecraft-The Dungeon Enter the zombie-spawning dungeon at your peril! Enter The Dungeon, with a zombie-spawning function, chest, wheat, redstone, 3 torches, pickaxe, Steve, 2 zombies and more. 1 0 .0000017E9 17 .0000008E9 8
E0007 E7 Education HUUC Auction Team Children's Auction Item: Glow and Grow Terrarium The Grow N’ Glow Terrarium is a complete kit for helping kids to create their very own miniature eco-system. It’s so easy! You just assemble, decorate, water and watch it grow! 1 0 .0000012E9 12 .0000006E9 6
J0023 J23 Jewelry/Home Goods Karen Rush and Rachel Bosch Beautiful Scarf and We are all Wonderwomen t-shirt
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
We are all wonderwomen! t-shirt made for the women's march in January. And you don't need a cape to be a wonderwoman, just a beautiful dark red scarf. Get both and you will be set to go! 1 -1 .0000045E9 45 .0000025E9 25
A0021 A21 Art and/or Entertainment Aaron Bird and Rachel Bosch Cave Exploring Trip Enjoy a day of cave exploration in Kentucky with experienced cave explorers Aaron Bird and Rachel Bosch. Date TBD based on weather and schedules of participants. 10 2 .0000045E9 45 .0000025E9 25
L0006 L6 Live Auction items Aaron Bird and Rachel Bosch White Water Rafting trip You and up to three of your friends could win a White Water Rafting trip on the Great or Little Miami River. These are class 1-2 rapids (easy). Enjoy a day on the water with up to three of your friends and the Bird-Bosch family.

Date TBD based on weather and water conditions.

1 0 .000005E9 50 .000003E9 30
H0004 H4 Handmade Items Miranda Fash Custom Crochet Blanket Seeking something soft and cuddly? Well, look no further, because Miranda will make you a custom crochet blanket, crafted just the way you like. If you already have yarn or a specific idea in mind, Miranda will attempt to accommodate that. Otherwise, the buyer will be able to choose mutually agreed-upon yarn from a local store that is compatible with the design selected. Choose either a baby blanket or lap afghan – exact size negotiable and may vary depending on pattern. Delivery will take place before the weather turns cold, so bid high now to be toasty warm later! 1 0 .000005E9 50 .0000025E9 25
L0004 L4 Live Auction items Miranda Fash Private Four Course Dinner for Two Wish you had a private chef? Well, here’s your chance to have one for an evening! Miranda will come to your house (or Heritage, if you prefer) with all the necessary ingredients and cook a delicious four course dinner for two. All set-up and clean-up is included – your only job is to relax and eat. Time, date, and vegetarian menu to be determined by mutual agreement, and special restrictions such as vegan, gluten-free, and allergies are welcome. Drinks will be discussed at the time of menu planning and can either be provided by Miranda or supplied by the buyer, depending on what drinks are chosen. Don’t miss your chance at luxurious dining in the comfort of your own home! 1 0 .00001E9 100 .000005E9 50
A0019 A19 Art and/or Entertainment Joann Meyer Sea Nymph III by Klimt A large, post impressionist, framed, famous print of the sea nymph. 1 1 .0000165E9 165 .000009E9 90
J0019 J19 Jewelry/Home Goods John Metz Antique Samovar This is approximately 100 years old, solid brass, uses charcoal in a central burner to boil water for tea 1 1 .0000225E9 225 .00001E9 100
A0018 A18 Art and/or Entertainment Joann Meyer The Kiss painting by Klimt A post impressionist, framed, famous picture of the kiss. 1 1 .0000109E9 109 .0000065E9 65
J0025 J25 Jewelry/Home Goods Claire and Vijay Goveia Electric Weed Trimmer Toro Brand Weed Trimmer. Electric so it is good for the environment and good for your lawn! 1 0 .000006E9 60 .000001E9 10
S0007 S7 Services Ken Stern Day of Household Labor Ken will happily wash windows, clean rooms, clear out your basement, do yard work, or any other household/yard work you need done. Eight hours of work at your disposal. Best to use in May. Date and work to be discussed by winning bidder and Ken. 1 0 .000012E9 120 .000005E9 50
J0026 J26 Jewelry/Home Goods Claire and Vijay Goveia Bose Speaker for iPod A speaker for your iPod. Plug in and listen to your music. 1 0 .00001E9 100 .0000075E9 75
J0024 J24 Jewelry/Home Goods Claire and Vijay Goveia Thomas the Train Table Play set that fits under the bed. Comes with trains. 1 0 .000035E9 350 .00001E9 100
A0017 A17 Art and/or Entertainment Thom and Sarah Moon Marc Chagall Lithograph
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Marc Chagall framed color stone lithograph, "Tribe of Gad." Part of his Jerusalem Windows Publication, published in France in 1962. Chagall's final model for one of the 12 Jerusalem Windows installed in the Abbell Synagogue of Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, Israel. 1 0 .00003E9 300 .0000075E9 75
S0006 S6 Services Reid and Jennifer Hester Computer Help See bid sheet night of the auction for all the ways Reid can help. 1 0 .000005E9 50 .0000015E9 15
L0005 L5 Live Auction items Leslie Planitzer Soup of the Month You will get a different soup and bread each month delivered or pick up at church. We can consult on ingredients and preferences. Each month will feed 6-8 people. 1 0 .000024E9 240 .00001E9 100
A0016 A16 Art and/or Entertainment Thane Thompson 2 Tickets to "Born Yesterday" BORN YESTERDAY May 12-20, 2017
This still-timely comedy enjoyed one of the longest Broadway runs in history. See Bid sheet for details
2 1 .000003E9 30 .0000015E9 15
D0002 D2 Dinners Lyon, Wilson, Roberts, and The Tye Dyes The Heritage Hootenanny and Hoedown
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
You don’t have to “put on airs” to have a good time at this shindig. Join us for great comfort food, great roots music and a great time. Featuring tasty vittles and refreshing liquids of all sorts along with toe-tappin’, knee slappin, sing-a-long-worthy strains of the best string band on either side of Clough Creek.
Hosts Barb and Bill Lyon welcome you to The Lyon Ranch. Chuck wagon Chef Gary Wilson dishes up his specialty meats and other fixins. Country culinary contributions from Chef Ann Roberts and a few surprises. Featuring music by The Tye Dye's

This is an adult event.

40 0 .000007E9 70 .000003E9 30 9/30/17 12:00 PM
E0006 E6 Education Bembe-Salsa lessons 4-week Cuban Salsa Lessons!
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Learn Salsa! Get ready for Salsa on the Square! Certificate for TWO people and four weeks of instruction! (No partner needed -- this can be for friends, compadres, acquaintances, even strangers exchanging glances!)

Jeff Link teaches Introduction to Cuban Salsa in a fun, relaxed atmosphere, with lots of individual attention.

Classes take place at the Cincinnati Ballroom Co, 4409 Brazee St. in Cincinnati on four consecutive Sundays at 1:00 pm. No partner needed. Extra women and men will be in the class. (Check the website for the next starting date). http://BembeCincinnati.com

2 1 .000008E9 80 .000003E9 30
A0015 A15 Art and/or Entertainment Chris Whittaker An Evening of Tarot: the Mystery Revealed!
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Come drink cheap wine and learn fun and alternative facts about the tarot! Have your cards read in a group . . . if you dare!

Join Chris in her home (3481 Holly Ridge Dr.) for a relaxing evening of talking tarot and tarot games. Learn how tarot "works" and even how you can use tarot as part of a daily spiritual practice. Give Chris an excuse to buy a new tarot deck!

Chris Whittaker has been playing with tarot for more years than she will admit. She taught tarot workshops at the Southeast UU Summer Institute for several years and has done multiple readings at Heritage.

15 4 .0000025E9 25 .0000025E9 25 6/30/17 7:00 PM
F0007 F7 Homemade Food/Meal items Chris Whittaker homemade maple granola One quart of homemade granola, made with real New England maple syrup. Ingredients: oats, maple syrup, brown sugar, vegetable oil, cinnamon, and love that is the spirit of this Church! 8 0 .0000007E9 7 .0000007E9 7
H0003 H3 Handmade Items Stephen and Julie Kane Wool Scarf Beautiful scarf in shades of rust and brown. Made by Tamara Smith 1 0 .0000025E9 25 .000001E9 10
F0006 F6 Homemade Food/Meal items Stephen and Julie Kane Eggplant Parmesan Home made Eggplant Paremesan 1 0 .0000015E9 15 .0000005E9 5
F0005 F5 Homemade Food/Meal items Stephen and Julie Kane 7UP Pound Cake 7Up Pound Cake 1 0 .000001E9 10 .0000005E9 5
A0014 A14 Art and/or Entertainment Muse Women's Choir Muse Tickets A pair of tickets to Muse's Annual Spring Concert. MUSE is an inclusive, feminist choral community advocating for peace and social justice. You will receive a voucher good for 2 tickets to either the May 20, 7 pm or the May 21, 2 pm concert. The concert will be at the Mt. Auburn Presbyterian Church, 103 William Howard Taft Rd. 1 0 .0000045E9 45 .000003E9 30
J0027 J27 Jewelry/Home Goods Neal Watzman & Susan Probert Case of Wine
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
You are bidding on a mixed case of wine. There are 6 bottles of Chalk Hill 2015 Sonoma Coast Chardonnay and 6 bottles of Sharecroppers 2015 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir.

From the Chalk Hill winemaker: "The 2015 Sonoma Coast Chardonnay is golden in color. Aromas of yellow apple, melon, citrus zest and mango meld beautifully with notes of toasted hazelnut and vanilla custard from the oak aging. Pure and rich with an elegant palate, it displays fruit-forward flavors of golden apple, nectarine, and guava with subtle hints of butterscotch. With its cool-climate influences, this Chardonnay has remarkable varietal intensity, balanced acidity and mineral notes that complement the rich and full flavors of baked apples, and vanilla cream." Suggested Retail is $25.99

From the Pinot Noir winemaker: "A bright aroma of sweet strawberries, cranberry and cherry pie filling, this warm vintage Pinot Noir is luscious with flavors of dried herbs, cocoa, vanilla and cola. Black plum and dark fruit notes dance across the palate. The mouthwatering berry notes are well-balanced and enhanced with subtle tannins. Enjoy this pretty Pinot Noir sourced from some of our favorite Oregon vineyards now and for the next 4-6 years." Suggested Retail is $24.99

1 0 .000024E9 240 .00001E9 100
E0005 E5 Education Robert and Connie Booth Make it and Take it Applesauce class
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Join Connie and Bob in creating their famous ‘Apples Only’ Applesauce,and take home two jars for your family.
We will produce extra jars to sell to members of the congregation as well. 1:30-5:00 p.m.

Adults and older children with a parent/care giver are welcome. $10 / person, $15 / family

Class size limit – 8 adults

8 0 .000002E9 20 .000001E9 10 10/18/17 1:30 PM
A0013 A13 Art and/or Entertainment Robert and Connie Booth Decorating with Pressed Flowers (second date)
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Repeat of popular class offered two years ago. Perfect opportunity to make unique holiday gifts.
Connie will supply two pillar candles and one small decoupage item per person as well as all supplies.
Participants may bring other items such as frames, small containers and more candles to work on as well.

$15 per person, $25 per family of 2 or 3.

10 5 .000003E9 30 .0000015E9 15 11/4/17 1:30 PM
A0012 A12 Art and/or Entertainment Robert and Connie Booth Decorating with Pressed Flowers
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Repeat of popular class offered two years ago. Perfect opportunity to make unique holiday gifts.
Connie will supply two pillar candles and one small decoupage item per person as well as all supplies.
Participants may bring other items such as frames, small containers and more candles to work on as well.

$15 per person, $25 per family of 2 or 3.

10 6 .000003E9 30 .0000015E9 15 11/3/17 10:00 AM
A0010 A10 Art and/or Entertainment Mark and Donna Buckley Framed Watercolor Painting
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Lovely watercolor in shades of aqua by Canadian artist. 1 0 .00001E9 100 .0000025E9 25
A0011 A11 Art and/or Entertainment Mark and Donna Buckley Framed Watercolor - Blueberry Bush
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Lovely framed watercolor painting. 1 0 .00001E9 100 .0000025E9 25
J0018 J18 Jewelry/Home Goods Mark and Donna Buckley Antique End Table
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Wooden, one drawer, end table. Great condition! 1 0 .00002E9 200 .0000025E9 25
J0017 J17 Jewelry/Home Goods Mark and Donna Buckley Vintage Pie Crust Scalloped Table
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Mahogany, three legged, round scalloped table. Great condition! 1 0 .00002E9 200 .0000025E9 25
G0030 G30 Gift Cards Mike and Ann Roberts Jungle Jim Gift Card $50 Gift Card to Jungle Jims 1 0 .000005E9 50 .000003E9 30
F0004 F4 Homemade Food/Meal items Colonel De Gourmet Herbs Four Spices from Colonel de Gourmet Herbs & Spices Four delicious spices to liven up any dish. Holy Smoke Seasoning, Garlic Goodness, Kitchen Sink Dip, and Herb Shop Cream Cheese Mix. Also, a $1 off coupon to use for any spice you choose. Visit them at their Findlay Market or Ft. Thomas locations. 1 0 .000002E9 20 .0000011E9 11
S0008 S8 Services Kay Inskeep Home organizing - 2 hours Have Kay work directly with you to declutter your closet or specia area! She comes highly recommended! 1 0 .00001E9 100 .000005E9 50
M0005 M5 Miscellaneous HUUC Church Clara Barton Guild - $100 towards women's retreat Take a chance to win a $100 credit for the Women's retreat. This will be raffled during the Live auction 50 38 .0000005E9 5 .0000005E9 5
G0029 G29 Gift Cards Bob Staggenborg Gift certificate for dinner at Vin48 Conveniently located at the heart of Avon, Colorado, Vin48 Restaurant Wine Bar serves dinner nightly and is only minutes from Arrowhead, Beaver Creek, Eagle, Edwards, Minturn, Red Cliff, and Vail.

Vin48’s spacious yet intimate dining room and Wine Bar are the perfect venue for aprés with friends or an evening of fine dining. In warmer months, floor-to-ceiling glass doors open to our patio, allowing diners to enjoy open-air dining and spectacular views of Beaver Cre

1 0 .00001E9 100 .0000035E9 35
A0008 A8 Art and/or Entertainment Bob & Jackie Drake canvas print
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
flowers print canvas 1 0 .000004E9 40 .000001E9 10
A0007 A7 Art and/or Entertainment Bob & Jackie Drake Wall Hanging
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Cotton/Viscose 33" x 33" 1 0 .000005E9 50 .0000015E9 15
J0016 J16 Jewelry/Home Goods Regina Pugh Ball Automatic Jam and Jelly Maker
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Enjoy the fruits of summer all year long! This handy kitchen appliance makes 4 cups of fresh Jam or Jelly you can use right away, freeze or can in the 4 included ball pint jars. Item in unused and in original box. For internet research, google Ball Fresh Tech Jam and Jelly Maker. 1 0 .000009E9 90 .000002E9 20
G0028 G28 Gift Cards Playhouse in the Park 2 Playhouse in the Park Tickets 2 tickets for Playhouse in the Park for Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. Run dates October 14-November 11 2017. Includes complementary special coffee drink at Mt. Adams Bar & Grill or The Blind Lemon 1 0 .000009E9 90 .0000035E9 35
S0005 S5 Services Mimi Sinclair Violin Music for your Special Event One hour of solo violin music for a wedding, funeral, or dinner party. Mimi Sinclair will perform light classical selections for your family and guests at your special event. Good through May 1, 2018. Location limited to 25 mile radius from HUUC. 1 0 .00002E9 200 .000005E9 50
A0006 A6 Art and/or Entertainment Rev. Bill Gupton Board Game Fun with The Rev. Rev. Bill will take you and up to seven friends (total 8 players) to The Rook OTR, Cincinnati's first, only, and definitely hippest board game parlor for a memorable night (or afternoon) of game playing with The Rev. How will we choose which one (or two, or three) of the nearly 1,000 games we'll play? Board game parlors are loads of fun, and The Rook (https://www.facebook.com/therookotr/) is no exception! Date and time to be mutually determined. Warning: Competitiveness may ensue. 7 0 .000002E9 20 .000002E9 20
G0027 G27 Gift Cards Mike and Ann Roberts $25.00 Gift Card Urban Grill $25.00 Gift Card to the new restaurant in Newtown. 1 0 .0000025E9 25 .0000015E9 15
J0028 J28 Jewelry/Home Goods Tracy Jo and David Small Stamp Kit These 17 heartfelt stamps include sayings such as 'thinking of you' and 'your kindness touches my heart' and come with green, pink, and yellow water-based stamp pads. Children of any age would love these! 1 0 .000002E9 20 .000001E9 10
J0015 J15 Jewelry/Home Goods Tracy Jo and David Small DoTerra Oil Kit This kit includes:
Peppermint Essential Oil Blend, Breathe, Lavender, Dill, Lemon, and Deep Blue Rub.
1 0 .0000089E9 89 .0000045E9 45
J0014 J14 Jewelry/Home Goods Tracy Jo and David Small DoTerra To The Rescue Kit This kit includes:
Peppermint Essential Oil Blend, On Guard Essential Blend, On Guard Protective Blend Spray Bottle, Oregano, Sleepy Time Roller Bottle, and Witch Hazel Blend.
1 0 .0000068E9 68 .0000034E9 34
G0026 G26 Gift Cards Tracy Jo and David Small $50 Darren & Co Salon Located on Beechmont this Salon will style your hair in style!
They also offer other services for the body such as eyelash extensions and waxing. Special occasion pricing may be available! Check them out.
1 0 .000005E9 50 .0000025E9 25
G0025 G25 Gift Cards Tracy Jo and David Small $50 Red Lobster Gift Card Enjoy a dinner at Red Lobster with this $50 gift card.
Nearby location on Ohio Pike Rd
1 0 .000005E9 50 .0000025E9 25
G0024 G24 Gift Cards Tracy Jo and David Small Esalen Style Massage Gift Certificate Consisting of long sweeping strokes, rocking, passive manipulation, and stretching followed by periods of rest this 75 minutes long, psycho-spiritual massage is often compared to a moving meditation. 1 0 .0000092E9 92 .0000046E9 46
M0003 M3 Miscellaneous HUUC Church 50 50 50 50 50 19 .0000001E9 1 .0000001E9 1
M0002 M2 Miscellaneous HUUC Church Ball of Fun Game Take a chance to win some great gifts but are you ready to play along! 25 17 .000002E9 20 .000002E9 20
G0023 G23 Gift Cards Tracy Jo and David Small 45 minute aromatouch session Aromatouch session includes application of 8 pure essential oils with gentle massage to back, hands and feet combating stress, toxic insult, inflammation and autonomic imbalance. 1 0 .0000065E9 65 .0000022E9 22
G0022 G22 Gift Cards Tracy Jo and David Small DoTerra Wholesale Customer Membership Gift Certificate You will have the opportunity to purchase doTerra's organic essential oils at 25% below the retail cost. Enjoy a full year of personal consultation about essential oils from Tracy Jo Duckworth, a certified aroma touch practitioner. You can purchase essential oils as well as supplements and skin care products 1 0 .0000035E9 35 .0000018E9 18
M0001 M1 Miscellaneous HUUC Church Wine game Get a chance to win EITHER a great bottle of red or a great bottle of white ! Only $20 a chance and you could win one of the really really good ones! 16 4 .000002E9 20 .000002E9 20
L0007 L7 Live Auction items HUUC Church Sunday morning Reserved parking space - Auction Winner You will always have a space right in front of the church! 1 0 .00002E9 200 .000005E9 50
L0008 L8 Live Auction items HUUC Church Sunday Morning Reserved park space #2 The Board approved a second parking space. This one is in the shade near the basketball goal 1 0 .00002E9 200 .000005E9 50
H0002 H2 Handmade Items Tracy Jo and David Small 6 Handmade Cards These handmade cards with envelopes will make anyone feel special. Write a note of love and care, knowing that the card will reflect that too. 1 0 .000003E9 30 .0000015E9 15
J0013 J13 Jewelry/Home Goods Ken and Carol Deem 6 Brass Candle Holders Beautiful brass candle holders, three sets of two. 1 0 .0000075E9 75 .0000035E9 35
G0021 G21 Gift Cards Teresa Robinson 2 - 1 Hour Training Sessions If you have ever wanted to work with a personal trainer but never had the chance, now is your time to act!
Contact Teresa to schedule your 2, 1 hour training sessions!
1 0 .000015E9 150 .0000075E9 75
L0009 L9 Live Auction items Forrest Brandt A case (12 bottles) of J. Lohr, 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Wine Enthusiast rates this at 93, This is a $35 bottle of wine, would cost $60 to 70 in a restaurant. I bought an extra bottle for tasting prior to the auction.

The 2014 J. Lohr Hilltop is a great example of our house style of “dense but soft” Cabernet Sauvignon. Blackberry and currant varietal aromas are supported by a touch of hazelnut and cocoa powder from the French oak barrel signature. Bright, brambly acidity on the mid-palate is followed by intense and vibrant red fruit on the finish.
Delicious with rosemary-seasoned ribeye served with garlic roasted potatoes with parsnips and fennel.

1 0 .000042E9 420 .000021E9 210
L0010 L10 Live Auction items Robert and Connie Booth Paint A Room If you tape it, he will come. Bob Booth will come and paint a room in your house. This long-standing item has been one of our auction's most popular items for time out of mind. You move the furniture and provide the paint, and Bob will do the dirty work for you. At our mutual convenience. 1 0 .00001E9 100 .000005E9 50
D0001 D1 Dinners Forrest Brandt Beer, Brats and Buckeyes Tailgate at the Brandt - Wade Manse -Put on your scarlet and gray and grab one of ten seats for the game against the Oklahoma Sooners. We’ll have beer, brats, salad and snacks. 10 3 .000003E9 30 .0000015E9 15 9/17/17 7:00 PM
L0003 L3 Live Auction items Shannon and John Murley 2 FC Cincinnati Tickets, Parking pass and scarf Tickets at midline, second row from the back, lower level. Easy access to bathrooms and concessions. Covered.
Includes parking pass and an FC Cincinnati scarf
Winner gets to pick the date.
1 0 .0000075E9 75 .000004E9 40
G0020 G20 Gift Cards Jaime Castle $100.00 Gift Card to Nada Restaurant Nada - is actually something - something muy muy bueno! The Cincinnati location is located on the corners of 6th street and Walnut street - next to The Aronoff Center for the Arts. There is now a location in Columbus too - I hear it's a lovely city! The food is Mexican - delicious and fancy Mexican. The location is beautiful - two stories of glass windows overlooking the lively street below and a cozy and beautiful outdoor eating area nestled under trees adorned with lanterns. Try the guacamole and house made chips! Oh - and try it for brunch because every weekend should include Eggs Benedicto and a Bloody Maria! 1 0 .00001E9 100 .000005E9 50
J0012 J12 Jewelry/Home Goods Mimi Sinclair Contemporary Music Stand
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Beauty plus function. Silver-tone metal music stand by Fly Line, 70s era Italian design company. Perfect for your living room or music room. 56 inches tall, not adjustable. 1 0 .00002E9 200 .000005E9 50
J0011 J11 Jewelry/Home Goods Sue Rahall Ceramic Handmade Serving Platter
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Serving platter with apple shaped bowl for dip. 1 0 .000002E9 20 .000001E9 10
J0010 J10 Jewelry/Home Goods Sue Rahall Southern Living Ceramic Set
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Pitcher, salt and pepper shaker, and serving bowl. Gail Pittman Collection Sienna Hand-Painted ceramic set. 1 0 .000005E9 50 .000002E9 20
J0009 J9 Jewelry/Home Goods Bob Connelly Coca-Cola Antique Tray and Bottles Antique coca-cola tray and bottles. Beautiful to display in your home. 1 1 .0000055E9 55 .000003E9 30
J0008 J8 Jewelry/Home Goods Ken and Carol Deem Danish Chair It's comfy and it's stylish...take this newly re-upholstered side chair home. Red fabric; very sturdy; rather Danish in design. 1 0 .000005E9 50 .000002E9 20
J0007 J7 Jewelry/Home Goods Ken and Carol Deem Brass Candlesticks Light up the evening with live candles in these four charming brass candlesticks. Two sets of two. 1 1 .000004E9 40 .0000025E9 25
J0006 J6 Jewelry/Home Goods Ken and Carol Deem Pewter Napkin Rings Planning a dinner for 8? Bundle your napkins into these lovely pewter rings. Timeless design would complement any table setting. 1 1 .000006E9 60 .0000025E9 25
J0005 J5 Jewelry/Home Goods Ken and Carol Deem Italian Cake Stand and Plates Present your cake on this white stand and then serve the slices on one of eight matching plates. Made in Italy. 1 0 .000006E9 60 .0000025E9 25
J0004 J4 Jewelry/Home Goods Ken and Carol Deem Elegant Glass Bowls Elevate the beauty of your next dinner party with these three glass bowls: etched, cut or pressed - these are lovely. 1 1 .000007E9 70 .000003E9 30
J0003 J3 Jewelry/Home Goods Ken and Carol Deem computer armoire Nice, wooden computer armoire with two doors. 62 inches tall and 40 inches wide. 1 1 .00002E9 200 .000003E9 30
J0002 J2 Jewelry/Home Goods Ken and Carol Deem floor privacy screens Enhance your privacy with this three panel screen. Frames are black metal and there are two sets of fabric inserts. 1 0 .000007E9 70 .000002E9 20
A0004 A4 Art and/or Entertainment Ken and Carol Deem Egyptian art When Ken Deem wasn't riding a camel, he was buying art. This framed, original piece is the Egyptian calendar. 1 0 .000007E9 70 .000002E9 20
B0004 B4 Gift Baskets Barbara Rohrer A Box of Simplicity For slowing down and healing: 1) The Original Famous Teacher Family Brand Herbal Tea Remedies, including a miniature tea ball, storage labels, gift bags with ribbon, empty tea bags & booklet; 2) Two small tea cups; 2) Creamy vanilla candle; 4) Live, Love, Laugh medallion; 5) The book Simplify Your Life: 100 Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy the Things that Really Matter; and 5) Small journal to reflect on the simple gifts and healings of your own life. 1 0 .0000015E9 15 .0000008E9 8
A0003 A3 Art and/or Entertainment John and Julia Sandman FC Cincinnati CLUB Level - 2 tickets Charleston Battery Enjoy the game from your seats (padded backs/extra leg room) or retire to the climate controlled club level area! 1 0 .000007E9 70 .000005E9 50 6/17/17 7:00 PM
A0002 A2 Art and/or Entertainment Dave and Margie Spinney Father's Day at the Beach
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Sun and Fun Picnic on the at Hidden Valley Lake on Father’s Day. See Bid sheet for details.

FIXED PRICE EVENT - $10 per seat or $25 for family

25 21 .000001E9 10 .000001E9 10 6/18/17 10:00 AM
S0004 S4 Services Mt. Washington Taekwondo Self-Defense Class Date TBD We will instruct participants in basic, practical self-defense techniques. Topics include escaping from various holds, simple striking techniques, and safe fall strategies, as well as self awareness. Ages 10 and up, any gender, physical condition and no past experience needed.

We will contact you regarding a date after the auction

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G0019 G19 Gift Cards Mt. Washington Taekwondo 1 Free month of Taekwondo Training If you are thinking about doing a family friendly activity, looking to stay in shape, or already love martial arts and want a place to train, Mt. Washington Taekwondo is for you!

Classes are Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The Master Instructors have around 50 combined years of experience.

1 1 .000005E9 50 .0000025E9 25
G0018 G18 Gift Cards Cincinnati Museum Center 2 Children's Museum Vouchers Take a trip to the Museums!
Includes two vouchers for the Duke Energy Children's Museum at the Cincinnati Museum Center.
1 0 .000003E9 30 .0000015E9 15
G0017 G17 Gift Cards Shawnee Lookout Golf Course 4, 9-Hole Green Fee Enjoy free Greensfees at Shawnee Lookout Golf Course with these gift certificates. 4 3 .000006E9 60 .000003E9 30
G0016 G16 Gift Cards Kentucky Horse Park Family 4 Pack to Kentucky Horse Park A Family 4 Pack voucher to the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington KY. Redeemable for up to 4 general admission tickets.
Admission includes Kentucky Horse Park and American Saddlebred Museum and Gift Shop.
1 0 .0000068E9 68 .0000034E9 34
G0015 G15 Gift Cards Cosi 2 free passes to COSI 2 free general admission passes for the Center of Science and Industry (COSI). 1 0 .0000038E9 38 .0000019E9 19
G0014 G14 Gift Cards M.E. Lyons YMCA 3 month family membership to M.E. Lyons YMCA There's something for everyone in your family at the YMCA. Weight and cardio rooms, 2 swimming pools, lessons for the kids, racquetball, yoga, spinning and much more. 1 0 .000032E9 320 .000007E9 70
G0013 G13 Gift Cards Group Donation Shakespeare and Italian $50 gift card to Buca di Beppo
2 Tickets to any preview or Thursday performance
1 0 .0000154E9 154 .0000075E9 75
G0012 G12 Gift Cards Group Donation Family Fun- Recreations Outlet and Big Frog $25 gift card to Big Frog
3, 30 minute Pay to Train Sessions from Big Shots Sports Training located inside Recreations Outlet ($30 each)
3, 6 visit Pay to Play Passes at the Recreations Outlet ($48 each)
1 0 .0000259E9 259 .0000125E9 125
G0011 G11 Gift Cards Group Donation Family Day- Zoo and Texas Roadhouse 2 Tickets to the Cincinnati Zoo
$30 gift card to Texas Roadhouse and a free appetizer
1 0 .0000068E9 68 .0000035E9 35
G0010 G10 Gift Cards Group Donation Family Day- Nature Center and Butterbee's $20 gift card to Butterbee's American Grille
Free admission for one vehicle to the Cincinnati Nature Center.
1 0 .0000046E9 46 .0000023E9 23
G0009 G9 Gift Cards Group Donation Car Care Package 5 Basic Full Service car wash at Johnny's Car Wash on Beechmont or Express Exterior Premium Wash in West Chester or Loveland.
$50 gift card to Ulmer's Auto Care
1 0 .000013E9 130 .0000065E9 65
G0008 G8 Gift Cards Group Donation Jersey Mike's and a Movie 2 Buy one get one tickets to The Esquire, Kenwood Theatre, Mariemont Theatre, or The Eastgate Brew and View.
10 person catering box from Jersey Mike's Subs
1 0 .0000077E9 77 .0000038E9 38
G0007 G7 Gift Cards Group Donation Dinner at Arthur's and a Movie 2 Free passes to The Esquire, Kenwood Theatre, Mariemont Theatre, or The EastGate Brew and View
$25 gift card to Arthur's Restaurant
1 0 .0000047E9 47 .0000025E9 25
G0006 G6 Gift Cards Group Donation Snooty Fox and Appearance Plus Cleaners Package $20 gift card to Snooty Fox, any location including the Furniture Den
$50 gift card to Appearance Plus Cleaners locations in Anderson and Hyde Park
1 0 .000007E9 70 .0000035E9 35
G0005 G5 Gift Cards Group Donation Mercy Health Plex and Scottish Dance Class 3 Month Family membership to Mercy Health Plex
5, one hour beginner Scottish Dancing group lessons valued at $60
1 0 .0000685E9 685 .000005E9 50
B0003 B3 Gift Baskets Group Donation Entertainment Package 4 Towels with the Big Frog logo
$25 gift card to Big Frog
4 Free admission tickets to any attraction at The Web Extreme Entertainment. The Web is located in West Chester. Whether you prefer Laser Web Laser Tag, Inside Track Go-Karts, Hang Ten Mini-Bowling, Jurassic Par Mini-Golf or Arcade games The Web has what you are looking for.
1 0 .0000057E9 57 .000003E9 30
B0002 B2 Gift Baskets Group Donation Dewey's and a Movie Package Dewey's glass
Dewey's Black t-shirt Adult XL
$20 Dewey's Gift Card
2 By one Get one movie ticket that can be used at The Esquire, Kenwood Theatre, Marriemont Theatre, or the Eastgate Brew and View.
1 0 .0000055E9 55 .0000028E9 28
B0001 B1 Gift Baskets Group Donation GameWorks and T-shirts 5, free 30 minute video game play to GameWorks
Youth L Black t-shit 'Nevertheless She Persisted'
Youth L Black t-shirt 'Love the Hell out of this world'
1 0 .000006E9 60 .000003E9 30
F0003 F3 Homemade Food/Meal items Russ and Rae Jane Araujo Extra Strong Chex Mix for Your Party This is traditional Chex Mix, but made with a greater ratio of spices to chex. Delivered to you at church in two 1-gallon plastic storage bags. Please order at least three weeks in advance. 1 0 .000002E9 20 .0000006E9 6
S0002 S2 Services Russ and Rae Jane Araujo 24 hours of Babysitting Need a little vacation from the kids? Let Rae Jane and Russ swoop in to the rescue. If you drop the children off during the day on Saturday, Rae Jane and Russ will feed and entertain them before bringing them back to you at church on Sunday. Previous adventures have included the Loveland Castle, the Web in West Chester, and Entertrainment Junction.

We can take up to 2 kids.

1 0 .000015E9 150 .000005E9 50
S0001 S1 Services Peter Boylan Trumpet fanfare I will play a trumpet fanfare for you of appropriate length and volume, at a time and place of your choice. Good for grand entrances, candles of community, important announcements, unimportant announcements, birthdays, and other festive occasions. Must use within one year. 1 0 .000005E9 50 .000002E9 20
G0004 G4 Gift Cards Steph and Les Tacy Luiza's Hair Studio $25 Gift Certificate In need of a hair cut? Here's your opportunity to go to Luiza's Hair Studio in Milford for a trim or to find that new hairstyle that is perfect for you! 1 1 .0000025E9 25 .0000012E9 12
G0003 G3 Gift Cards Steph and Les Tacy The Beaute' Bar Gift Certificate Schedule time for yourself at The Beaute' Bar using this gift certificate offered by Kimberly Riley deLuca, hairdresser. The Beaute' Bar is located at 200 Locust Street, Milford OH 45150. Gift Certificate expires 12-31-2017 1 1 .000002E9 20 .000001E9 10
H0001 H1 Handmade Items Terri Gaitskill White Afgan A handmade white Afgan that is about 50in by 60in. 1 0 .000005E9 50 .0000025E9 25
C0001 C1 Cash and Carry items Rebecca Pace Dog Toy and $15.00 Gift Certificate from AT Family Pet Center
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$15.00 Gift Certificate for Anderson Township Family Pet Center at 6666 Clough Pike and cute, green, lizard Mighty Micro Fiber dog toy from MyDogToy.com Durable Quality, Washable. 1 0 .0000028E9 28 .000002E9 20
E0004 E4 Education Barbara Rohrer Young Adult Triiology by Isabel Allende New York Times Best-Selling Author Isabel Allende's young adult trilogy -- City of the Beasts, Kingdom of the Golden Dragon, and Forest of the Pygmies -- take a reader of any age on an journey of high adventure, personal quests, and magical realism. 1 1 .0000045E9 45 .0000015E9 15
J0001 J1 Jewelry/Home Goods Barbara Rohrer Classic Coffee & Tea Set
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A lovely green and plum single serving tea pot with lid and matching cup, all fitting together in one stacked elegant design. 1 1 .0000015E9 15 .000001E9 10
E0003 E3 Education Barbara Rohrer A Space Odyssey Four beautifully produced children's books for all ages by Usborne, the renowned independent British publisher and distributor of educational books and other resources. The collection includes (1) The Story of Astronomy and Space by Louie Stowell & Peter Allen; (2) 100 Things to Know About Space by Alex Frith, Alice James & Jerome Martin and illustrated by Federico Mariani & Shaw Nielsen; (3) 100 Paper Spaceships to Fold & Fly by Andy Tudor, Hannah Ahmed & Brian Voakes; and (4) Time Walker: One boy, one chance to save the future of mankind, a young adult novel by Justin Stanchfield. 1 1 .000004E9 40 .0000025E9 25
E0002 E2 Education Barbara Rohrer A Shakespeare Trove Three beautifully produced children's books for all ages by Usborne, the renowned independent British publisher and distributor of educational books and other resources. The collection includes (1) Illustrated Stories from Shakespeare by Rosie Dickens et al and illustrated by Christa Unzner et al; (2) World of Shakespeare Reference Book by Rosie Dickens and illustrated by Galia Bernstein; (3) Where's Will? Find Shakespeare Hidden in His Plays by Anna Claybourne and illustrated by Tilly. 1 0 .0000045E9 45 .0000025E9 25
A0001 A1 Art and/or Entertainment Bob & Jackie Drake cross of ice photograph
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16"X20" matted framed photograph taken in Conkle's Hollow, Hocking Hills Ohio 1 1 .00001E9 100 .0000025E9 25 4/29/17 6:00 PM
L0002 L2 Live Auction items Terry Planitzer 8 Hours of Handyman Work Have a garage that needs cleaned out? Are you halfway through a project that you started 2 years ago? Is your honey-do list too long? I’m here to help! I have over 15 years of practice with getting my own home projects accomplished. Just so you know….I’m not afraid of heights or spiders. 1 0 .000012E9 120 .000008E9 80
F0002 F2 Homemade Food/Meal items Tamilyn Thompson and Nicole Dangelo Tamilyn's Famous Buckeyes
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Hand mixed, rolled, and dipped, these buckeyes have been a traditional offering at the Auction since Tamilyn first joined the church. Each "batch" is approximately 60 buckeyes. Delivery will occur in November/December - arranged with winning bidder. 6 1 .000006E9 60 .0000025E9 25
L0001 L1 Live Auction items Rev. Bill Gupton Sermon for Sale This popular item allows two winning bidders (one sermon each) to select the topic for on upcoming Sunday reflection by our Senior Minister, Rev. Bill Gupton. Exact date by mutual agreement. 1 0 .00002E9 200 .00001E9 100
E0001 E1 Education Rev. Bill Gupton A Tour of Queen City UUism, Past and Present Rev. Bill Gupton will take the highest bidders (two if in his car, up to five if someone offers a minivan) on a tour of Cincinnati Unitarian Universalist sites, and offer narrative history and background. Stops will include all current UU churches, the former location of First Universalist Church on Essex Place, other now-defunct UU churches, maybe even a cemetery or two. It all depends on what the group is interested in seeing and learning about, but we'll make a full afternoon of it. To take place on a mutually agreed upon Saturday or a Sunday afternoon this summer or fall. 5 0 .000004E9 40 .000002E9 20
G0001 G1 Gift Cards Edible Arrangements Edible Arrangements - 12 ct. box of chocolate dipped fruit The mission at Edible Arrangements is to wow you! Let yourself be "wowed" or wow a friend with a 12 ct box of fruit covered in chocolate! Items must be pre-ordered. To order by phone, dial 241.1330. Delivery is available at your expense. Gift card expires on Dec 31, 2016. 1 0 .0000029E9 29 .0000015E9 15
F0001 F1 Homemade Food/Meal items John and Julia Sandman Homemade Bread - 4 loaves - TOP 2 BIDDERS EACH WIN.
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John Sandman will make you 4 loaves of homemade bread at your convenience. you can get them all at once or in pairs of 2. Varieties are Regular, Cinnamon Raisin, Garlic and the most popular - Cinnamon peanut butter chocolate chip! 2 0 .000002E9 20 .000001E9 10