Unitarian Universalist Church of Kent Spring Virtual Bid-O-Rama
May 16-23, 2021

Mind the Gap!

Virtual Spring Bid-O-Rama: May 16-23, 2021

It’s Spring. In Ohio, that means sunny and 70 one day and snow the next. But at the Unitarian-Universalist Church of Kent this year, spring means a giant BID-O-RAMA, a special week-long virtual silent auction May 16 to 23. It means plantings for your garden and feasts for your table. It means pies, cookies, ice cream and luscious deserts. It means surprise donations from our creative congregation and merchandise and gift cards from generous local shopkeepers. Everything, of course, will be safe because the auction will be held virtually on the togetherauction website. This is a special one-time BID-O-RAMA, a “Mind the Gap” frolicking good time. The Auction Team, of course, hopes that everyone will join in the fun and come up with some great things to donate. See our Frequently Asked Questions to find out how you can participate! Questions? Contact the auction committee by email at auction@kentuu.org!


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The auction begins on May 16, so it's too late for new donations. We have another auction coming up sooner than you think - hold on to those treasures till then!
You can still modify your donations (update the description, upload a photo, etc.) anytime before the bidding begins.

Item No.DonorFeatured ItemDateQty$ Each
E1 Georgia Quinn
A Walk with the Birds and the Wildflowers
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Some lovely morning in May or June let's go look for birds and wildflowers in a local park. Date, time, and location to be determined as mutually agreed upon by the winners (fully vaccinated only please) of this item.
5 25.0

Gift Certificates Are Available

Buy a gift certificate for a friend to spend at the auction like cash. Contact the auction committee by email at auction@kentuu.org to purchase gift certificates.

Many thanks to everyone who made our November Thanks4Giving auction a big success.

Together we raised more than $17,000 to support our ministries!

Click the Statement link and "2020" in the box labeled "Other Years" to see what you bought, how much you owe, and/or who purchased your items/events. Problems? Contact the auction team at auction@kentuu.org.

You can still make corrections on your statement to your donated item descriptions or event dates. If you do, please remember to contact everyone involved.

Outstanding balances may be paid three ways:
>> A CHECK made out to the Church (please enter "Auction" in the memo line). You can drop it off or mail it directly to the Church (228 Gougler Ave. Kent, Ohio 44240).
>> Pay ONLINE: kentuu.org/giving/donate. Click the radio button "Other" and enter "Auction" in the field below.
>> TEXT to pay: Text “Give” to 330-835-5028.

Thanks to our 2020 Thanks4Giving Auction Business Donors!

Please support them and thank them for supporting our beloved Church!