Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood Auction!!

The 2019 auction planning is underway! So get out your cardigan sweater. This year it's all about things Pittsburgh! If you have questions about the auction, you can reach us at

Get ready to enjoy a kinder, friendlier evening of fun and fundraising at the 2019 Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood Auction on April 13th!! With the auction only 55 days away, now is the time to think about what you can donate.

If you aren't sure what to offer, browse the catalog to see what others have offered. Hosting a dinner, a party or other event is a great way to raise $$ while having a good time! Or think about your talents or hobbies - can you offer a lesson or a service?


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Item No.DonorFeatured ItemDateQty$ Each
PDE1 Jean McQuillin, and Barb Cardinal Busse
Progressive Dinner
Join the Enrights and the Busses for an evening of food, drinks and fun! Begin at Jeanie and Tim’s new digs for heavy appetizers and cocktails. Then mosey on down the street to Barb and Tom’s new abode for dessert and apertifs and coffe/tea. Help us celebrate our new homes by sharing them with our Sunnyhill friends!
Sat Oct 5, 2019 - 6:00 PM 20 35.0

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  1. Please put in an estimated value
  2. Capitalize all important words in the title (but not “and,” “the” or “by” for example).
  3. Spell out numbers in titles (i.e Three Gold Rings, not 3 Gold Rings).
  4. Choose “My Donation” category for all donations except parties and events. Your donation will be assigned to the Live or Silent Auction by the Auction Committee.
  5. Physical items should have minimum bids > $15. Services have no minimum opening bid.
  6. Make sure to check the box (Winner takes it home?) if your item is a “thing.”
  7. All descriptions should end with a period or exclamation points, even if the description is not a sentence.
  8. If you are hosting an event with more than 4 guests, you should pick a date and time.
  9. Putting in a picture of your item is very, very helpful.
  10. Put your items in early.