Green's the Theme!!!

The 2018 auction is upon us! Your donations are in, you've checked out the parties and other services and items and you are ready to join us for a party!!! See you Saturday, March 17 at 5 PM for the big GREEN event! If you have questions about the auction, you can reach us at


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Advance online bidding has started!

If you don't see the Bid buttons next to each item in the catalog, login first and then browse the catalog. When you find an item you like, click the "Place Bid" link to sign up. Please make sure there is space before you sign up - the system doesn't reduce the qty available right away for fixed bid items - it's geared for competitive bidding. You will get an email if you are outbid later. Some items have a buy-it-now price. If your bid reaches that level, you'll win it immediately. Otherwise, bidders at the auction may still outbid you.

Online bidding closes the night before the auction.

See the "My Bids" link on the Catalog Grid page for a summary of items you have bid on.

The next auction will be nextAuctionDateTimeString and you can enter donations for it after nextAuctionActiveDateString.

Advance online bidding is now closed!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the pre-bidding. Don't worry if you don't see your bids anymore - they will appear on the printed bid sheets where bidding can continue tonight.

If you try to respond to an out-bid email you got earlier, you'll get a scary looking "access denied" page.

We hope you enjoyed online pre-bidding, and we'll see you at the auction!

You can still view the items you placed potentially winning bids on using the New Catalog's "My Bids" link.