Welcome to the TVUUC Online Auction
Our auction is an important fundraising event for the church (and always a fun party), but it is also a great way to bring people together. Although we will be following the COVID19 advice this year and having the auction all online, we have plans for a Zoom Auction Party on auction night, December 4. Because it is all online, we will open the auction for four days, December 1, 2, 3, and 4. This gives people who get to the auction bidding early (Dec 1 at 6pm) the best chance of buying the fixed price items! The party will take place during the final day of the auction, December 4. Please plan to Zoom in for the fun and fundraising. There is a change from last year. We are offering in person Dinners and Parties, Performances and Events. These come with some rules, so please read the Donor and Bidder information for these options. For more information about how to donate or bid and specific criteria for specific categories, please go to Auction Welcome Page.


Browse and bid on items & events (You can see past catalogs here too)

See when events are scheduled

View your events' guest lists & see your purchases

Donate items & events

Volunteer Opportunities

Click here to email us about volunteering to help with the auction

or contact Auction Chair Diane Fox to help in one of these areas:
  • Phone-A-Thon group - Help spread the word and get folks thinking about what to offer this year.
  • Join the Auction Committee
  • Proofreaders
  • Someone who likes to write announcements for newsletter
  • Website data entry - Enter info from paper donation forms (Not everyone is so tech-savvy).
  • Offer to call new members and talk to them about the auction.
  • Business Donation gatherers - ask for items to donate - they get a mention in the catalog! Make sure we know you are doing this so businesses do not get asked several times.
  • Donate-Use this website to submit your item descriptions! What could be easier!
  • Donate a Dinner Delivered.
  • Donate online lectures, workshops, events, or gatherings of various forms.
  • Donate jewelry, handcrafted items, art of various types, etc.
  • Help with creating advertising ideas for the auction.
  • Help with post auction item delivery.
  • Help imagine ideas for the Auction Night Zoom Party.
  • Help by creating short videos of yourself showing off your auction item(s).
  • Offer an entertainment (music, talent show, create a cocktail, show/talk about your auction item, etc.) for the Auction Night Zoom Party.
  • Can you think of some other way you'd like to help make our event better?