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Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church

2016 TVUUC Auction Auction Catalog
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J6 Italian black leather purse

Striking handmade black leather purse with tan leather lining and several zipper pockets. Shoulder strap with silver buckles. Never used.

Donor: Kathy & John Bohstedt
Qty: 1 Value: $140 Min: $55

F1 Mexican Dinner

Kaci's famous fajita enchiladas! A 9x13 pan full of goodness with a choice of shrimp or chicken or vegetarian. All will have onions, mushrooms, peppers and pepper jack cheese baked in a green sauce. The enchiladas will be served with chipotle black beans (1-5 spicy stars, you pick. They are very good spicy.) and a green salad. It will also include all of the necessary condiments for a complete Mexican dinner. Muy sabrosa! Buen provecho!

Meal will be brought to church Sunday November 6, 2016 or another day as arranged.

Donor: Kaci Clark
Qty: 1 Value: $50 Min: $20

S2 Haircut and Color Service at Aveda Institute of Knoxville
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Gift Certificate for a Complimentary Haircut and Color Service of Your Choice at Aveda Institute of Knoxville! Expires 12/15/2017 - Thanks to Douglas J Aveda for supporting TVUUC and many of our UU Values!

Donor: Jodie & Jen Hamilton
Qty: 1 Value: $80 Min: $25

D3 Swiss Dinner

Jeff and Susan Kovac are leaving on October 26 for 9 days in Switzerland and will return with good ideas for a dinner featuring Swiss cuisine. Cheese fondue will certainly be a part of the meal as will chocolate and Swiss-style wines. For the rest, you have to be willing to be surprised and, we hope, delighted. We will accommodate vegetarians, and other dietary restrictions if you let us know in advance. This not a good event for children.

Donor: Susan & Jeff Kovac
Qty: 8 Value: $50 Min: $35
Date: Sat Feb 18, 2017 6:00 PM

J5 Sterling Silver Necklace

Sterling Silver Chalice with Abalone Inlay Necklace

Donor: Roger Kroll
Qty: 1 Value: $95 Min: $65

J4 Midnight Whisper Shawl
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So lightweight but warm! Wear as a shawl, or throw it around your neck like a scarf. Made of wool-blend "sock yarn" - handwash, reshape and dry flat. Handknit by Terri Klear. 50" wide (wingspan) and 16" deep at point.

Donor: Terri Klear
Qty: 1 Value: $65 Min: $50

J3 Colorful Cowl
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Dress up your outerwear outfit with a warm and bright cowl! Made from soft wool; handwash and dry flat. Handknit by Terri Klear. Fits over up to 24" head.

Donor: Terri Klear
Qty: 1 Value: $30 Min: $15

C3 Making Ukrainian eggs

Learn to make beautiful Ukrainian eggs (Psyanky). Make designs by drawing with melted wax through a special tool called a kitska, and use vivid dyes to create eggs that will be keepsakes for years to come.

Donor: Anne Whitney
Qty: 7 Value: $15 Min: $15
Date: Sat Apr 8, 2017 9:30 AM

D2 Feast of India IV
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Join us for Feast of India IV! We'll transform the Greg McKendry Fellowship Hall into Little Bangalore for 20 lucky guests. We've created a fantastic menu of our favorite Indian dishes to guide you through the taste's of India! Thanks to Jen and Jodie Hamilton, Nathan Paki, Matthew Blondell, and Melissa Wilson.

Donor: Jodie & Jen Hamilton
Qty: 20 Value: $50 Min: $30
Date: Sat Apr 29, 2017 6:30 PM

B2 Sake Night!
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Enjoy a bottle of Sake and a lovely ceramic sake set. Hot or cold, it makes for a great evening!

Donor: Jodie & Jen Hamilton
Qty: 1 Value: $50 Min: $20

H1 Rain Barrel
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Conserve water and nourish your plants with this 50 gallon rain barrel! Easy to install and great for the environment!

Donor: Jodie & Jen Hamilton
Qty: 1 Value: $75 Min: $20

S1 TVUUC Private Personal Parking Space
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How would you like your own private and reserved parking space for 1 year at TVUUC? This one and only reserved space will have YOUR name on it, if you have the winning bid! Thanks to the TVUUC Board and Executive Team for sponsoring this item. Reserved space runs from January through January:-)

Donor: Jodie & Jen Hamilton
Qty: 1 Value: $1,000 Min: $200