Welcome to the UTUUC Member Auction Website! Bidding will begin Sunday, 2/10/19 at 9 am.

Here's just one example of the great offerings up for auction this year:

Item no.DonorItemDateQty$ each
FDUU3 Jennifer Marling
Tin of Homemade Herbed Nuts
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The perfect treat to serve at your next party or just satisfy that urge to pamper yourself and enjoy them at home. A large reusable container of savory cashews with just a little heat. Need at least a week's advanced notice for delivery.
5 20.0

Volunteer opportunities

To help with the auction contact auction@unitytemple.org. We especially need help in these roles:
  • Setup and Cleanup team: Essential and much appreciated
  • Data entry: Enter info from paper donation forms
  • Catalog proofreaders: Keep an eye on offering entries, fix typos and follow up on missing dates and other essential info
  • Raffle ticket sellers: We'll need help beginning on Sunday, Feb. 12, up to and including the Auction Celebration Sunday, March 12
  • Help with food prep and serving during the Kick-Off and Auction Celebration events.
  • Help preparing for the Auction Closeout Sale Sunday, March 5th
  • Any other way you can help make our events better?