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Bidding on the auction closes Wednesday, February 20 at 9 pm.

Questions? Contact the auction team at auction@unitytemple.org

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Here's just one example of the great offerings up for auction this year:

Item no.DonorItemDateQty$ each
DIN17 Jonathan Sidman
Sushi rolls demonstration & Lesson plus dinner & fun games!
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Jonathan will teach you how to make simple sushi rolls with ingredients such as cucumber, avocado, pickled diakon radish, pickled burdock root and ginger. Yum!! We'll serve vegetarian ramen/miso soup and sumptuous dumplings. After dinner, we will play some of our favorite games.
Sat Apr 6, 2019 - 5:00 PM 6 35.0

Welcome to the 2019 UTUUC Member Auction! Bidding began on Sunday, February 10 and continues until February 20 at 9 PM. The 2019 catalog is now final! Be sure to log in to browse, and use the "add favorite" button to save items you are interested in.  

Online bidding begins at 7 am Sunday, February 10, and our auction kickoff coffee hour will be on Sunday, February 10. Come see the items in the catalog! The Win it Now period will be from 7 am Sunday, February 10 through 9 pm Wednesday, February 13

Questions? Contact the auction team at auction@unitytemple.org

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