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T0006 T6 Tickets (Admin Only)
  • Anonymous
Cash Donation Cash Donation 1 -3 000100.0 100 .001E7 100
T0005 T5 Tickets (Admin Only)
  • Anonymous
Costume Contest Ticket to enter Costume Contest. 1 -6 000010.0 10 .0001E7 10
AR0013 AR13 Artwork
  • Anonymous
Alexander September 3 Dimensional 40” by 40” three-dimensional original art 1 1 000200.0 200 .00025E7 25
AR0012 AR12 Artwork
  • Suzanne Ziemer
Kick up your Heels and Dance
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
18” by 24” Kick up your Heels and Dance print on canvas. 1 0 000035.0 35 .00015E7 15
T0004 T4 Tickets (Admin Only)
  • Anonymous
Admission Tickets Admission Tickets 1 -6 000020.0 20 .0002E7 20
T0003 T3 Tickets (Admin Only)
  • Anonymous
50/50 Raffle Tickets 50/50 Raffle Tickets 1 -13 000001.0 1 .00001E7 1
TR0012 TR12 Treasures
  • Lucy Wistreich
Handmade Ceramic Oil Lamp
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Handmade Ceramic Oil Lamp (No oil in Lamp.). This lamp has never been used, except for simply decorative display. 1 0 000045.0 45 .00025E7 25
GFT0019 GFT19 Experiences (Gift Cards & Coupons)
  • Shelley Graff
Chocolatte’s Coffee & Roasting Chocolatte’s’ Coffee and Roasting is located at 16120 San Carlos Blvd in Fort Myers. 239-202-8194. Website: chocolattes.biz 1 0 000025.0 25 .0002E7 20
DE0010 DE10 Delectable Edibles
  • Albie Johnson
Trindadian Style Curry Chicken plus side dish of Rice & Peas with Coconut Milk My friend from Trinidad taught me this great West Indian curry chicken recipe. Chicken with curry paste made from onions, garlic, ginger, cilantro, scotch bonnet, lemon grass, and curry powder. Along with a side dish of brown or white rice (your choice) and green pigeon peas cooked together in water and coconut milk with lemon grass. Just add your veggie and your Caribbean meal is ready. Please specify spicy or mild. Serves 6 people. Available anytime before June 2019. 1 -1 000045.0 45 .00045E7 45
DE0009 DE9 Delectable Edibles
  • Carole Latino
Dom DeLuise Famous Italian Sausage Onions and Peppers Enjoy a tray of the original Dom Deluise recipe! Serves 6 (six) mixed sweet and hot sausages unless otherwise specified. Just add warm Italian bread a bottle of wine and you have a feast for a King and Queen. This is yours anytime before June 2019! 1 -1 000040.0 40 .0004E7 40
DE0008 DE8 Delectable Edibles
  • Sheila Jaskie
Shortbread Cookies w/ GUITTARD Organic Bittersweet Chocolate
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Made with King Aurthur unbleached enriched flour and ground vanilla bean added to dough. GUITTARD organic Bittersweet Chocolate has 74% Cacao. 8 cookies to a bag, weighing 12 oz total. Comes in freezer bag so you can pop bag in freezer to take out one at a time later. 2 0 000015.0 15 .0001E7 10
AR0011 AR11 Artwork
  • Toni Latino & Tony Borras
Original Oil Painting Oil painting similar to the Florida Highwaymen style of beautiful Florida scenery. approximately 24" by 36" Signed by Gibb.
Recently appraised at $150.
1 0 000150.0 150 .0005E7 50
BR0012 BR12 Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner Events
  • Peter & Mary Golbitz
Cinco do Mayo Topless Tapas Party! Come enjoy the hot snacks, skinny dips and cool drinks at the Rancho do Golbitz in Estero! Hot salsa music, yummy food, cool vibes and warm friends will fill the late afternoon-eary evening affair. Partying starts at 4pm. 10 -1 000025.0 25 .0002E7 20 5/4/19 4:00 PM
GFT0018 GFT18 Experiences (Gift Cards & Coupons)
  • Allison Farnum
Bennett’s Fresh Roast Gift Card - $50 $50 Bennett’s Fresh Roast Gift Card. 2011 Bayside Parkway, Ft Myers, FL. 33901 1 0 000050.0 50 .00025E7 25
GFT0017 GFT17 Experiences (Gift Cards & Coupons)
  • Allison Farnum
Artisan Eatery, $100 Gift Card
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
$100 Gift Card from Artisan Eatery located at 8951 Daniels Parkway, Fort Myers, FL. 33912. Artisaneatery.com 1 0 000100.0 100 .0005E7 50
T0002 T2 Tickets (Admin Only)
  • Anonymous
Drink Donations $4.00 - beer, wine, soft drinks 1 -4 000004.0 4 .00004E7 4
T0001 T1 Tickets (Admin Only)
  • Anonymous
Chance Auction Tickets $25 per sheet; $20 per sheet for two or more. 1 -5 000025.0 25 .00025E7 25
TR0013 TR13 Treasures
  • Mel & Teri Cooper
King comforter set
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Beautiful king sized Bali by Croscill comforter set. Tropical motif. Set includes comforter, 2 shams with zippers and coordinating bedskirt. Selling at Bed Bath and Beyond for $239.99. 1 1 000200.0 200 .00075E7 75
DE0007 DE7 Delectable Edibles
  • Sheila Jaskie
Jack Daniels Old No.7 Whiskey, 750ml
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Enjoy Tennessee whiskey. Jack Daniels Black Label. 750ml 1 0 000019.0 19 .0001E7 10
BA0009 BA9 Baskets
  • Dorothy Van Howe
Margarita Liquor & Glasses (4) Margarita Liquor and 4 glasses 1 0 000050.0 50 .0003E7 30
TR0010 TR10 Treasures
  • Lucy Wistreich
Handmade Ceramic Oil Lamp
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Handmade ceramic oil lamp. (No oil in the lamp.). This lamp has been simply decorative for me. Gift of Friends. 1 0 000045.0 45 .00025E7 25
JE0005 JE5 Jewelry
  • Joy Purcell
Jewels of Joy Necklace of Amber, Topaz and Gold Stone
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Indonesian Amber set in silver, copper and bronze, hanging Topaz, Amber and Gold Stone beads. 1 0 000085.0 85 .00065E7 65
SE0020 SE20 Services
  • Shelley Graff
Women Singing in Sacred Circle
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Women Singing in Sacred Circle is an opportunity to create community through singing short, repetitive songs/chants about women’s lives. The songs/chants are from a wide variety of traditions. No experience necessary! Time/Date to be arranged. 20 19 000025.0 25 .00015E7 15
JE0004 JE4 Jewelry
  • Laura Snow
Antique Ring
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Estimate Size = Size 8

Ivory Cameo inset. 10K Gold

1 0 000075.0 75 .0002E7 20
SE0019 SE19 Services
  • Alanis Garcia
YouTube Video of your choice I do a YouTube Video where I review and do researched responses to book, ideas and other YouTube Videos. My subjects are usually regarding fundamentalism and the effects it has on science and society. I can do any subject, book, video requested. 1 0 000050.0 50 .00025E7 25
TR0009 TR9 Treasures
  • Debra Leigh
Wooden Morter and Pestle
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Item is from ancestral family home in Harrisonburg, VA. - from a very old original stately home. That’s all that Debra knows about it. 1 0 000023.0 23 .0002E7 20
AR0010 AR10 Artwork
  • Bill & Jane Petrarca
Golf Artwork by Michelle Muldrow- "18th Hole" original, framed
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Professionally painted and framed. Great for your golf course condo. Dimensions: 41" x 22" in a smoke chrome frame with forest green and sky blue matting. One-of-a-kind.

Michelle Anne Muldrow (born 1968) is an American painter known for her colorful compositions. Muldrow works in gouache, a traditional water-based paint similar to, but more opaque than, watercolor.

1 1 000085.0 85 .0001E7 10
AR0009 AR9 Artwork
  • Bill & Jane Petrarca
A Wintry Scene by Nicholas Englefield -- original oil painting, framed
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
An oil painting on canvas by English painter Nicholas Englefield (1937-). Titled Wintry Scene this depicts a rural English estate. This work is signed in the lower right corner and presented within a natural tone wooden frame. Framed dimensions: 30"W x 23"H 1 1 000085.0 85 .0001E7 10
SE0018 SE18 Services
  • Bill & Jane Petrarca
  • Walt & Simone Ittenbach
Naming Rights for the UUCFM Grounds Bobcat
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Whatever name you give it ---forever--- on the UUCFM Bobcat. Honor your favorite person(s) or your favorite event! When the Grounds crew is tooling around the campus, your special commemoration will be there! A chance of a lifetime. Don't be satisfied with just naming your turtle. This is the big time! Go for it! Some people are lucky getting to name a 75-story tower. You can't beat naming a Bobcat! 1 0 000100.0 100 .0001E7 10
TR0011 TR11 Treasures
  • Bill & Jane Petrarca
HP Pavilion X360 Convertible 15" PC
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
HP Pavilion X360 15.6 Convertible 2-in-1 FHD IPS Micro-Edge Narrow Border Touchscreen Laptop Intel Core i5-8250U 8GB RAM 1TB SSD WiFi B&O Type-C Win 10

15.6 in diagonal Full HD IPS micro-edge Narrow Border (Edge to Edge) WLED-backlit multitouch-enabled edge-to-edge glass touchscreen (1920 x 1080), 10-finger multi-touch support with >: Intel UHD Graphics 620
Intel Core i5-8250U 1.60 GHz with Turbo Boost Technology up to 3.40 GHz
Upgrade Your RAM and Hard Drive up to 32G DDR4,1TB SSD for Your Desired Specs
1 USB Type-C 3.1 Gen 1 2 USB 3.1 Gen 1 (Data Transfer Only) 1 HDMI 1.4 1 Headphone/microphone combo
Windows 10 Home 64-Bit, B&O PLAY, dual speakers, up to 10.5 hours battery life

1 0 000350.0 350 .0025E7 250
AR0008 AR8 Artwork
  • Lei Garcia
Original Watercolors The Horse's Flower
and The Palm Beach
1 0 000020.0 20 .0001E7 10
SE0017 SE17 Services
  • Kevin Carr
Video Service Got a website that needs a video? Have a special event coming up you want to highlight or record to remember? Maybe you want to share your legacy to future generations? Whatever it may be, I will make a video for you. This is for a video valued up to $500, credit can be applied if your video requires a larger scope. 1 0 000500.0 500 .0005E7 50
DE0006 DE6 Delectable Edibles
  • Toni Latino
Italian Baked Ziti Plan your dinner party and Toni will bake ziti Casserole to serve 6-8. With meat or vegetables. You choose the date and she will cook your entre. Schedule before April 20 or after September. 1 0 000040.0 40 .00025E7 25
SE0016 SE16 Services
  • Helen Dixon
A Wonderful Duet Rev. Allison and her husband Andy have agreed to perform a duet in one of our Worship Services. The song and date of the performance will be left up to the two of them. They need encouragement--what will you bid? This wonderful duet preformed at our Jan 15 service and entertained us with "Engine to Turn." 1 0 000250.0 250 .001E7 100
TR0008 TR8 Treasures
  • Jen Smith
Amazon Echo Brand New! Echo connects to Alexa to play music, read the news, set alarms and timers, answer questions, control compatible smart home devices, and more. 1 0 000075.0 75 .0002E7 20
TR0007 TR7 Treasures
  • Jen Smith
Bose SoundDock with Bluetooth adapter Bose speaker with 30 pin Bluetooth adapter. Powerful, lifelike sound and generous tonal range delivered by Bose waveguide speaker technology. 1 0 000150.0 150 .0004E7 40
SE0015 SE15 Services
  • Jen Smith
Relaxing Massage in your home Enjoy a one-hour relaxing professional massage from a licensed therapist in your own home at a time that is convenient for you. Couple's massage is available as well (double the auction price). Available March to May. 1 0 000125.0 125 .00075E7 75
VA0005 VA5 Vacation/Lodging
  • Jen Smith
3BR/2BA Condo in Pelican Landing Enjoy the beautiful lanai that overlooks a pool complete with waterfall. Hop on the water taxi for a 10 minute ride to the neighborhood's private 34 acre beach park. Bocce courts, canoe/kayak park, fitness center, tennis and miles of walking/biking. Condo sleeps 8. Master with king, Guest with queen, guest with 2 twins and loft with 2 twins. Any one week period between May 1, 2019 and October 31, 2019. 1 -5 001600.0 1,600 .005E7 500
TR0006 TR6 Treasures
  • Phyllis Brewer
II Concerto Bronzed Plated Sculpture
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Sculpture by Giuseppe Macri 1969 1 0 000119.0 119 .0005E7 50
TR0005 TR5 Treasures
  • Tom Sizemore
  • Barbara Mannix
Mah Jong Set
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Beautiful Mah Jong Set in Leather carrying case. 1 0 000080.0 80 .0005E7 50
BA0008 BA8 Baskets
  • Joy Purcell
Celebrating the Elements Contains items pertaining to the 4 Elements--Air, Fire, Water & Earth and the fifth sacred thing--Spirit. Not just for pagans! 1 0 000150.0 150 .00075E7 75
BA0007 BA7 Baskets
  • Lesley & Walter Peterson
Musical Melange The Music Team--Choir and Band--is offering a variety of music related items to be worn, carried, listened to or otherwise enjoyed. This includes two tickets to the Paradise Coastmen Spring Concert on March 22 & 23, providing you and your companion a fine evening out. 1 0 000200.0 200 .001E7 100
BA0006 BA6 Baskets
  • Helen Dixon
Pamper Yourself Bath & Body Works: Bath Fizzy & Sponge; Body Lotion; Body Butter; Aromatherapy Pillow Mist; Fragranced Air Freshner. Poetry; Cards of Wisdon Power Deck; Red Wine; Chocolates. 1 0 000075.0 75 .00025E7 25
EX0006 EX6 Excursions & Entertainment
  • Linda & Denis Jensen
Boardgame night A fantastic boardgame night of fun. Lots of refreshments and beverages of your choice. 6 4 000020.0 20 .00015E7 15 10/12/19 7:00 PM
EX0005 EX5 Excursions & Entertainment
  • Paloma Blanca- Siebert
  • Karen J Brown
Saturday Retreat--One-day, all gender Name of Class: Creating by Visualization - Using the book Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain
Description: Using the power of imagination to create what you want in your life
Goals/Objectives: Finding different techniques to help discover deeper meaning and purpose in your life
Length: 5 hours on a Saturday from 10am to 3pm - Date and time to be determined
Location: UUCFM
Light breakfast and lunch will be served
25 22 000025.0 25 .00025E7 25
VA0004 VA4 Vacation/Lodging
  • Leslie Gatto
Smoky Mountains Adventure
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Join Leslie and Doc Gatto in their Tennessee Smoky Mountains cabin. Enjoy the wonder of mountains, streams, forests, bear, elk and cooler weather. Picnic, hike or drive through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Or experience the shops, mountain crafts and dining in Gatlinburg or the excitement of Pigeon Forge. Approximately one hour from Asheville, NC. Stay up to a week, but bid price is per night. Two bedrooms available, each with a double bed and a shared private bathroom. Children and well mannered dogs welcome. Rooms in the area go for well over $100 per night. Available May through September by arrangement with Leslie. 1 -1 000100.0 100 .0005E7 50
BR0011 BR11 Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner Events
  • Leslie Gatto
Land and Sea Dinner Leslie and Doc will prepare a land and sea dinner including appetizer, main course, dessert and drinks. (No vegetarian option.) 4 0 000050.0 50 .00035E7 35 11/15/19 6:00 PM
BR0010 BR10 Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner Events
  • Leslie Gatto
Perfectly Paradise St. Paddy's Patio Party
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Join Leslie and Doc Gatto for their FAMOUS Perfectly Paradise Patio Party, with a St. Patrick's Day theme. These are held outside under the stars. Includes Irish inspired appetizers, meat and vegetarian main course, dessert and drinks. (The menu will be different from last year.) 13 -2 000050.0 50 .00035E7 35 3/16/19 5:30 PM
TR0002 TR2 Treasures
  • Holley Rauen and Liz Taggart
Rare Antique 1903 German Stein
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
From Holley's father's collection:
Rare Antique 1903 German Villeroy & Boch Mettlach Schlitt Signed PUG 1/2L Stein #1909 ... a 1/2 liter stein with a great image of a man and woman holding a giant house key. It is signed by the artist Heinrich Schlitt. There are a number of markings stamped into the bottom including 1909, II, 30, and 03. It also is stamped 1042 Geschutzt. Great condition.
1 1 000450.0 450 .00125E7 125
AR0007 AR7 Artwork
  • Holley Rauen and Liz Taggart
Tropical Paradise Painting
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Framed water color of beach and palm trees.
Matted and framed.
1 0 000100.0 100 .00025E7 25
AR0006 AR6 Artwork
  • Holley Rauen and Liz Taggart
Sand Dunes with Sailboat
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Original WaterColor Sand Dunes with Sailboat 21.5 x 18.5
1 0 000100.0 100 .0003E7 30
BR0009 BR9 Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner Events
  • Sima Robbins
Midsummer Morning's Dream Brunch Back by popular demand! Chef Gary and Sous Chef Sima will serve Gary's homemade scrumptious oatmeal/whole wheat Belgian waffles with maple syrup, luscious fruits, yummy yogurts and toasted walnuts...and for those with a sweet tooth, top it off with whipped cream! To wash down these delightful tastes, we'll serve a sparkling champagne cocktail for a memorable toast (no pun intended?). Midsummer date to be determined. 6 0 000045.0 45 .0004E7 40
GFT0015 GFT15 Experiences (Gift Cards & Coupons)
  • Helen Dixon
Two Meatballs in the Kitchen Italian Restaurant
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Look what the owner of Two Meatballs in the Kitchen gave UU for their Service Auction. Great Italian Food and so close our UU Church. $50 gift card (reusable). 1 0 000050.0 50 .0004E7 40
BA0005 BA5 Baskets
  • Matthew Hoffman
BOT (Board of Trustees) Gift Basket Fun Stuff. Board theme items. 1 0 000030.0 30 .0002E7 20
SE0014 SE14 Services
  • Patricia Vivier-Naidl
Reiki Treatment 45 mins to 1 hour. She will come to you or invite you to her home. 1 0 000050.0 50 .0004E7 40
SE0013 SE13 Services
  • Barbara Boynton
Listener: Active Listening with Barbara Boynton Support Conversation by telephone or come to Shell Point. Talk about any issue you would like support in. Inter-personal Communication Experience. 1 0 000035.0 35 .0002E7 20
AR0005 AR5 Artwork
  • Don Maron
Waterfall. Painting
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Original Painting 36” X 26” 1 1 000100.0 100 .00025E7 25
BA0004 BA4 Baskets
  • Suzanne Ziemer
Christmas Holiday Basket
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
From the Women’s Circle: Basket with Mr. and Mrs. Snowman on Ice Skates. Each Snowman stands alone on their skates. 1 0 000020.0 20 .0001E7 10
DE0005 DE5 Delectable Edibles
  • Matthew Hoffman
Matt’s Famous Scones - 1 batch of Sweet Scones (Flavor TBD) One batch of Matt’s Famous Scones (Flavor TBD) 1 0 000010.0 10 .0001E7 10
DE0004 DE4 Delectable Edibles
  • Matthew Hoffman
Matt’s Famous Scones - 1 batch of Berry Scones One batch of Berry Scones 1 0 000010.0 10 .0001E7 10
GFT0014 GFT14 Experiences (Gift Cards & Coupons)
  • Priscilla Jeffcoat
Bonefish Grill or Outback You choose to eat at either Bonefish or Outback. $50 Gift Card 1 0 000050.0 50 .0005E7 50
EX0007 EX7 Excursions & Entertainment
  • Mary & Bob Nies
WII BOWLING LETS BOWL........WITH THE WII!!!! Bring the kids (under 12 free).
8 3 000020.0 20 .0001E7 10 4/27/19 7:00 PM
GFT0013 GFT13 Experiences (Gift Cards & Coupons)
  • Fran Rose
Bonefish Grill Fifty dollar ($50.00) gift card to Bonefish Grill. Card is reusable. 1 0 000050.0 50 .0004E7 40
GFT0016 GFT16 Experiences (Gift Cards & Coupons)
  • Mary & Bob Nies
APPLEBEES GIFT CARD One set of 2/$25 gift cards for Applebees 1 0 000050.0 50 .0003E7 30
BR0008 BR8 Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner Events
  • Mary & Bob Nies
Bob's Special Chicken dinner Come and join us for dinner! Enjoy the food, drink and lively conversation. Bob has a very special sauce for his grilled chicken.

The menu will be something like this:

Drinks (alcohol/non alcohol), Chicken, Rice, Asparagus, Salad and Dessert

8 0 000030.0 30 .0002E7 20 11/23/19 6:30 PM
DE0003 DE3 Delectable Edibles
  • Dorothy Van Howe
Lemon Meringue Pie A pair of lemon meringue pies for you to take home tonight. Made with love and sunshine. 2 0 000020.0 20 .00015E7 15
BR0007 BR7 Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner Events
  • Julie Ireland
Dinner with Me and Three Please join me for a night of fine wine and dining at a favorite restaurant of mine to be determined.

Date to be decided on by all attendees.

3 0 000050.0 50 .00035E7 35
JE0003 JE3 Jewelry
  • Roy & Nancy Green
Frosted Glass Necklace and Earrings Set
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
16" blue frosted glass and crystal necklace and earrings set. 1 0 000075.0 75 .00045E7 45
BR0006 BR6 Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner Events
  • Roy & Nancy Green
Lunch with the Greens at the Wheelhouse on the River (The Landings) Enjoy a relaxing lunch on Saturday, April 20, 2019 at the Landings Wheelhouse Restaurant on the Caloosahatchee River. 6 -1 000025.0 25 .0002E7 20 4/20/19 12:30 PM
AR0004 AR4 Artwork
  • Roy & Nancy Green
Happy Turtle
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Framed Fused Galss art picture of a tropical underwater scene, featuring a sea turtle. 1 0 000125.0 125 .0004E7 40
GFT0012 GFT12 Experiences (Gift Cards & Coupons)
  • Helen Dixon
Chili's Gift Cards Chili's is an American casual dining restaurant that features Tex-Mex-sytle cuisine. Gift cards--4 at $5 each-- good at any locations, were given by the General Manager of the Cape Coral restaurant. Cards can be used on food or drinks (no change will be given). 1 0 000020.0 20 .00015E7 15
MI0001 MI1 Miscellaneous
  • Helen Dixon
Reserved Parking Space
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Get to church 'just in time' for service, meetings and other activities. Win a reserved parking spot of your choice and glide up and park in style for a year. The spot now faces the pond in back of Hobart Hall. 1 0 000200.0 200 .00125E7 125
GFT0011 GFT11 Experiences (Gift Cards & Coupons)
  • Helen Dixon
Bonefish Grill Twenty-five dollar gift card to Bonefish Grill on South Cleveland Ave. bonefishgrill.com 1 0 000025.0 25 .0002E7 20
GFT0010 GFT10 Experiences (Gift Cards & Coupons)
  • Helen Dixon
Hair Cut & Style
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Gift cards for hair cut shampoo, blow dry and style by professional stylist at High Maintenance Salon located in Cape Coral. highmaintenancesalondayspa.com 2 0 000050.0 50 .00035E7 35
VA0003 VA3 Vacation/Lodging
  • Suzanne Ziemer
A three day Get Away on Fort Myers Beach
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
A three day Get Away for Overflow (or unwanted) company or your own pleasure on Fort Myers Beach. Resort Amenities, kitchen privileges, wifi, Queen size and 2 twin beds bedrooms, 2 private baths. Over looking both Estero Bay Preserve and the Gulf of Mexico with direct access to 7 mile walking beach, at the condo of Suzanne Ziemer in Ocean Harbor Complex. Must be booked November through April, either 2019 or 2020. 1 0 000225.0 225 .001E7 100
VA0002 VA2 Vacation/Lodging
  • Suzanne Ziemer
Week's Vacation on Long Lake, Wisconsin
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Located on Long Lake in Waushara County, WI. 2 hours north of Madison. This downstairs apartment has a walk-out view of the clear, glacial-carved lake surrouded by forest. Fully furnished with linens, 2 Bedrooms (up to 4 people), 2 baths, fully equipped kitchen, living room with TV, DVD & WIFI. Use of 2 kayaks, paddle board, row boat, 14' sailboat, canoe and a pontoon boat. Available mid-June, August or September 2019 or no expiration date for future summers. 1 0 000500.0 500 .005E7 500
SE0012 SE12 Services
  • Heidi Laquadra
Tax Preparation Services Heidi LaQuadra, EA, will provide tax preparation services for an individual tax return, Form 1040. This can be used towards 2018 tax year or saved for the 2019 tax year. Value of services up to $250.00. 1 0 000250.0 250 .001E7 100
BR0005 BR5 Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner Events
  • Helen Dixon
  • Carol Ann Ungerleider
Rhum Runner Caribbean Cruise Party The Famous Rhum Runner Punch, purchased on the Rhum Runner Cruise Boat in St. George's, Grenada, will be served. We will sip "The Real McCoy" and more. Hor d'oeuvers will be plentiful. Wear your favorite Caribbean Cruise ship attire. 10 -1 000030.0 30 .00025E7 25 8/31/19 7:00 PM
SE0011 SE11 Services
  • Jan Kaymen
Dog Walking
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
One week of dog-walking. 2 times daily, limit of 2 dogs at a time per walk. 1 0 000150.0 150 .0008E7 80
SE0010 SE10 Services
  • Jan Kaymen
Five Hours of Babysitting
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Five hours of babysitting for your children or grandkids (from a former elementary school teacher). Games, enrichment activities, hands-on fun! 1 1 000075.0 75 .0004E7 40
JE0002 JE2 Jewelry
  • Laura Snow
Three Piece Set
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Lovely pendant, bracelet and pierced earrings. Tree of life motif in turquoise-colored stone. 1 -1 000050.0 50 .00025E7 25
DE0002 DE2 Delectable Edibles
  • Robin Farinet
Kahlua - Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake Possibly the best cheesecake you will ever eat. Inspired by a Disney receipe. The rich cheesecake batter is flavored with Kahlua and a delectable chocolate layer is swirled in, then nestled in a chocolate vanilla wafer crust. 1 0 000025.0 25 .00015E7 15
JE0001 JE1 Jewelry
  • Joan Hickok
Handmade Necklace and Earring Set Handmade Necklace and Earring Set 1 0 000050.0 50 .00025E7 25
AR0003 AR3 Artwork
  • Nancy & Jeffery Letts
“LOTUS IN BLOOM” - Framed Nancy Letts’ Photograph
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
A beautifully-captured Lotus Blossom beginning to open on its long stem in Nancy Letts’ 8”X10” photo. Comes with signed mat and white frame. 1 0 000075.0 75 .00045E7 45
AR0002 AR2 Artwork
  • Nancy & Jeffery Letts
“NANCY’S NOTECARDS” Two related Kyoto different brilliantly-colored flower photo notecards in each package. Used to send messages to friends and loved ones or frame for your personal enjoyment. 4 0 000005.0 5 .00005E7 5
GFT0009 GFT9 Experiences (Gift Cards & Coupons)
  • Pati Maier
Panera $15 Gift Certificate
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Eat healthy. $15 Gift Cerfticate. 2 0 000015.0 15 .0001E7 10
BA0003 BA3 Baskets
  • Mel & Teri Cooper
Wine Basket
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Bottle of Red Wine, plus 2 hand-painted Glasses and hand-painted Serving Bottle. 2 0 000035.0 35 .0002E7 20
DE0001 DE1 Delectable Edibles
  • Mel & Teri Cooper
Midnight Bliss Chocolate Cake An Extremely delicious moist Chocolate Cake with a hint of Mocha in a glass cake dish. 1 0 000035.0 35 .0002E7 20
TR0004 TR4 Treasures
  • Bill & Jane Petrarca
Book: "Sonnets to my new Grandson" by Bill Petrarca
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
In the summer of 2006, Mr. Petrarca and his family were blessed by the birth of their first grandson. After much consideration, Mr. Petrarca composed this collection of sonnets as a way of offering his grandson the beginnings of a life-long set of moral values.
You will enjoy his refreshing perspectives on how we all might be able to live together in a way that will add richness to our lives. He has chosen the sonnet art form of an early Renaissance poet Francesco Petrarca (1304-1374).
Great gift for that new parent or grandparent in your family. Each copy autographed by the author.
5 -2 000020.0 20 .00015E7 15
AR0001 AR1 Artwork
  • David and Nancy Hutchins
Original by Owner, Sanibel Beach Sunset 4 8” X 10” original Mixed Media Shadow Boxed Painting.

Website: DavidHutchinsFineArt.com

1 1 000075.0 75 .00035E7 35
SE0008 SE8 Services
  • Jennifer Grant
Worship Associate Service Would you like to opportunity to select the SERMON TOPIC for the Worship Associates to explore during a Sunday Service? Now is your chance if you have the highest bid. 1 -1 000150.0 150 .001E7 100
SE0007 SE7 Services
  • Lauren Zagoren
Professional Clowning - A Party - making balloons Master Clown--Ziggy
International Award Winning
Incredible balloon animals
1 1/2 hours
1 1 000175.0 175 .00125E7 125
EX0004 EX4 Excursions & Entertainment
  • Ellie Peterson
Explore Meditative Movements™
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Learn about the Meditative Movement™ practice that integrates physical movements with the breath and affirmations. These easy to follow movements which are adaptable to anyone’s physical ability can be performed throughout your normal day so you feel healthier, happier and whole. You can invite your friends to join you for this three-hour class. You provide the space and attendees, Ellie will share the practice with you. Class needs to be scheduled in April or May as Ellie is a Minnesota snowbird. Visit http://ppworkouts.com/ for more information. Value $25 per person. 1 0 000150.0 150 .0005E7 50
GFT0008 GFT8 Experiences (Gift Cards & Coupons)
  • Helen Dixon
Square 1 - 2 sets of $25 Gift Cards The burger is sacred and as all-American as football and fireworks. But somehow, burgers have turned fast, cheap and unhealthy. So we’re returning burgers to their roots, back to Square 1. Simple is savory, and our recipes reflect that. Our ingredients are high quality and fresh. Our proteins come from the wide-open pastures of the west, and farms that raise livestock humanely—without hormones or antibiotics. Whether indulging in Angus, Kobe, Buffalo, Lamb, Portobello Mushroom or Vegan—on the bun or beyond—Square 1 serves affordable luxury you can devour. Visit us today and rediscover what burgers should be. There’s enough Awesome for everyone. Full bar and draft beers. Located in Page Commons on Cleveland Ave. 2 0 000025.0 25 .0002E7 20
GFT0007 GFT7 Experiences (Gift Cards & Coupons)
  • Helen Dixon
Cantina Laredo - Two Complimentary Dinners
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Upmarket chain restaurant featuring Mexican specialities and margaritas in stylish quarters in Bell Tower. Two complimentary Entrees; appetizer and Apple Pie. 2 0 000050.0 50 .0004E7 40
GFT0006 GFT6 Experiences (Gift Cards & Coupons)
  • Rose Klein
Spada Salon Gift Card Spada Salon gift card. I am donating a $50 Spada Salon and Spa Day gift card. 1 0 000050.0 50 .0004E7 40
GFT0005 GFT5 Experiences (Gift Cards & Coupons)
  • Helen Dixon
JJ Nails --North Fort Myers--Professional Pedicure Gift certificates for pedicures at JJ Nails, 5660 Bayshore Road, North Fort Myers --by appointment or walk in. This is family owned and operated by very pleasant professionals. Valued at $25 each. 2 0 000025.0 25 .00015E7 15
TR0003 TR3 Treasures
  • Fran Rose
Oneida Silversmith Candle Holders
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Two Oneida Silversmith Candele Holders. 1 0 000025.0 25 .0001E7 10
GFT0004 GFT4 Experiences (Gift Cards & Coupons)
  • Helen Dixon
Bahama Breeze Gift Cards
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Laid back chain eatery featuring Caribbean entrees and tropical cocktails amid beachy decor. Happy Hour, 4-6, has best prices--1/2 priced appetizers and especially priced drinks. We have two Gift Cards. 2 0 000025.0 25 .0002E7 20
BR0004 BR4 Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner Events
  • Allison Farnum
Silk Road Cooking: Vegetarian Journey
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Join in this family style meal of sumptuous cuisine as Rev. Allison cooks from one of her favorite cookbooks, Silk Road Cooking: A Vegetarian Journey
by Najmieh Batmanglij. Drinks, Appetizers, Soup, and Entrees to pass around, followed by dessert will al trace the silk road journey, the first "fusion" cuisine! Cooked with love and great rejoicing for special guests!

Those with food restrictions and beloved vegans are happily accommodated! Auction winners, please do email me about your needs.

Accessibility note: 4 inch step into home and onto lanai. Children are welcome! Kids under 10 can join and eat free at the kids table.

6 0 000050.0 50 .00025E7 25 4/5/19 12:06 PM
SE0006 SE6 Services
  • Allison Farnum
Worship Service and/or Sermon Topic
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Rev. Allison will preach a sermon or create a service on a topic of your choosing, so long as she is free to choose when it is preached to correspond with the worship theme cycle of next few months. Believe us, she will make it work! Worship themes include the following: March- Journey; April- Wholeness; May- Curiosity; June- Beauty. 1 0 000250.0 250 .002E7 200
BA0002 BA2 Baskets
  • Allison Farnum
New to Asian Cuisine Starter Cook's Kit
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Wanting to expand your culinary reach? Add fresh and simple grocery items to some easy starter dishes and you will have a delicious thai curry, your first attempt at sushi rolls (including Fruishi!) and a cookbook to take your further: Lucky Peach Presents 101 Easy Asian Recipes by Peter Meehan. From Amazon.com blurb about book: "Beholden to bold flavors and not strict authenticity, the editors of Lucky Peach present a compendium of 101 easy, Asian recipes that hit the sweet spot between craveworthy and stupid simple and are destined to become favorites. Your friends and lovers will marvel as you show off your culinary worldliness, whipping up meals with fish-sauce-splattered panache and all the soy-soaked, ginger-scalliony goodness you could ever want—all for dinner tonight."
Includes sushi rolling mat and rice paddles, sushi nori, sushi molds, sushi rice, jasmine rice, coconut milk, can of masaman curry paste, a little snack, adult and child's chopsticks. Great addition to your family kitchen!
1 0 000060.0 60 .0003E7 30
BA0001 BA1 Baskets
  • Allison Farnum
Beach Bash Basket
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Beach fun for visiting friends and relatives including brand-new 3 beach mats, a frisbee with wireless speaker for your fav beach tunes, a hammock, mask&snorkel, light up party water bottle and 2 luxurious lounger inflatable chairs. This basket could even liven up your next pool party! Great to keep in your seasonal residence or for year-round fun in Florida! 1 0 000150.0 150 .0005E7 50
SE0005 SE5 Services
  • Craig A Miller
Power Washing Offering up to two hours of power washing at your location. You provide the water (and the area needing to be cleaned), I provide the power washer and the man power. 1 0 000060.0 60 .0005E7 50
SE0009 SE9 Services
  • Jenn and Lee Blosser
Worship Story Winner gets to select a story to be told during a worship service! Jenn Blosser will work with Rev. Allison and worship team to make your story fit into a worship service and you will get to be as involved as you'd like - even telling the story yourself! 1 0 000100.0 100 .0005E7 50
GFT0003 GFT3 Experiences (Gift Cards & Coupons)
  • Elinor & Rick Gentilman
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
$80 value Gift Card for OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE.
1 0 000080.0 80 .0006E7 60
GFT0002 GFT2 Experiences (Gift Cards & Coupons)
  • Elinor & Rick Gentilman
The BOAT HOUSE at the Cape Coral Yacht Club
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
$80 value Gift Card for the BOAT HOUSE Tiki Bar & Grill. Excellent Food, Beautiful Setting on the River at the Cape Coral Yacht Club. Open Daily 8am - 10pm
1 0 000080.0 80 .0006E7 60
EX0003 EX3 Excursions & Entertainment
  • Barbara & Stephanie Moreland
Wreaths Across America Experience-Fort Myers Memorial Gardens We will meet the winner and a guest in the UUCFM parking lot at approximately 9 a.m. with coffee and donuts. We will drive the winner and a guest to Fort Myers Memorial Gardens to participate in laying wreaths on the graves of our Veterans. Please be aware, many of the sites are in the grass and require extensive walking. If you have accessibility limitations, you can still participate (there are paved roads around the sites and some sidewalks) but your involvement may be limited. There is a large elevated section of the cemetery devoted to Veterans that has a sidewalk down the middle that would allow you to significantly participate and be involved. We will then take the winner to lunch at Mission Barbeque at the conclusion of the ceremony honoring our Veterans following the distribution of all of the wreaths. This day should be complete between 12:00-2:00 p.m., with exact times dependent on the number of wreaths to lay, volunteers, etc. 2 0 000050.0 50 .00025E7 25 12/14/19 9:00 AM
BR0003 BR3 Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner Events
  • Harvey Heckes
Melting Pot Dinner Join me for dinner at Melting Pot on McGregor. The number of people is 4 It is an experience that you will not forget. Please join me. Date will be determined on the availability of those who win this item. 4 -1 000050.0 50 .0005E7 50
BR0002 BR2 Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner Events
  • Jill Carville
'90s "Come As You Are" Party
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Dig out your old Nirvana t-shirts, flannel shirts, ripped jeans, and workboots for a '90s themed "Come As You Are" party. 90s attire not required but be comfortable in whatever you wear- shorts, bathing suits, pjs, whatever, dudes. We will have cocktails, wine, beer, soda, water and lots of food like bacon wrapped scallops, shrimp, fruit and cheese, veggies, dip, veggie & non veggies sandwiches, and more. Party will be inside/outside- kids welcome and free but please be aware we have a pool. There will be 90s music- but not too loud. 10 1 000015.0 15 .00015E7 15 3/30/19 5:00 PM
BR0001 BR1 Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner Events
  • Helen Dixon
Murder Mystery Theatre Cocktail Party
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
All eight guests will be murder suspects. Parts can be assigned before the party so that costumes can be suggested. Heavy hors d'oeuvres and cocktails will be served. Other guests are welcome and will be given assignments to ad lib or just observe. So much fun, it's almost criminal! The title is "The Class of '54" or "The Return of Rock N. Roley." 8 0 000040.0 40 .00025E7 25 5/11/19 7:00 PM
SE0004 SE4 Services
  • Helen Dixon
Bridge Lessons for 4 people Three classes in beginning, intermediate or advanced bridge. Lessons (1-1.5 hours) will be taught by ACBL accredited instructor who has directed Duplicate Bridge games in Fort Myers. Barry Wildman is willing to come to your home or here to uucfm. 1 1 000240.0 240 .0015E7 150
SE0003 SE3 Services
  • Helen Dixon
House Blessing
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Would you like to have your house blessed in a group ritual? We will give you our outline and plan with you the steps we take. The Ritual might include smudging with sage, creating an altar, honoring goddesses of the hearth, incorporating Native American, Feng Shui and Celtic ideas. We will coordinate a potluck dinner. Go to cuupsfm.org, login, click on Library, scroll down to Other's Rituals to see my ceremony from 2015. 1 0 000050.0 50 .00035E7 35
EX0002 EX2 Excursions & Entertainment
  • Bill & Jane Petrarca
Day of Canoeing/Kayaking on the Mullet Creek and Estero Bay Winner chooses a DAY of canoeing/kayaking from private launch ramp at Shadow Wood Preserve for two people, canoes/kayaks provided. Paddle down Mullet Creek to the Estero Bay, bring a picnic, enjoy the dolphins. 2 0 000080.0 80 .00065E7 65
SE0002 SE2 Services
  • Bill & Jane Petrarca
Membership Team - Weekly Sermon Topics Insider
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Become a Membership Team Insider; get the insider information by Friday each week on the Sunday Service Sermon Topic. Only the Minister and you will know the topic before anyone else! 1 0 000150.0 150 .0005E7 50
TR0001 TR1 Treasures
  • Bill & Jane Petrarca
Family Garden Beds
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
The FAMILY GARDENS Mission is to teach people to steward our Earth through experiences, classes and events which promote sustainable lifestyles and enhance the native habitat of our community. You’re bidding on an annual rental of one 4’ x 8’ garden bed with automatic watering plus access to our Master Gardeners who will teach you how to be better stewards of our SW Florida habitat. A $120 value which gives back every week in fresh, organic veggies for your families table. Some estimate you will realize as much as $85/month in grocery savings. Come join your friends and neighbors. If you pay attention, the garden will teach you things…like patience and hope and the grace of return. 3 1 000085.0 85 .0005E7 50
SE0001 SE1 Services
  • Laura Snow
Computer Trouble-Shooting - 2 hours Doug Deininger will help with Windows or Androids. NO APPLE COMPUTERS. Ask Deb Lewis, Don Ehat or Bob Nies. Date and time to be arranged. 1 0 000100.0 100 .0005E7 50
VA0001 VA1 Vacation/Lodging
  • Phyllis Brewer
Lake Tahoe North Shore Condominium Get-a-way for a week(5 nights) at the Brewer's 4 bedroom, 2 bath condo in Incline Village, NV. Hours from San Francisco and Yosemite and 45 minutes to Reno. In walking distance of the lake. Located 6300 feet high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Sleeps 8. View the unit at goldfishproperties.com, go to short term rentals and use ID number 214FP. Available April 1-30, May 1-25, June 12-19, Sept 8-30, Oct 1-31 and Nov 1-15. Please use this calendar year. Phyllis is donating the $165 cleaning fee. 1 0 001120.0 1,120 .005E7 500
EX0001 EX1 Excursions & Entertainment
  • Jack Ulman
Private Docent-Led Tour Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Private docent-led tour of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. Featuring “Power of Rock”, Jonathon Demme films and major show “TV Rocks”. For up to 4 people. 1 0 000175.0 175 .0005E7 50
GFT0001 GFT1 Experiences (Gift Cards & Coupons)
  • Sheila Jaskie
Naples Flatbread & Wine Bar gift certificate
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Next time you shop at Miramar Mall, stop to eat healthy at Naples Flatbread. $25 each; 4 winners. 4 0 000025.0 25 .0002E7 20