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FO0020 FO20 Food Wanda & Alfonso Anaya A magnum of J. Lohr Seven Oaks Estates 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon
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One magnum of J. Lohr Seven Oaks Estates 2009 Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon 1 220 0 .00002E9 200 .000006E9 60
SE0020 SE20 Services Janis Nicholes Two hours of childcare
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
I'm a former school librarian and vetted to do childcare. I'm offering 2 hours childcare for kids aged 12 + under. This is something I offer with love, and do for fun! 1 44 0 .000004E9 40 .000001E9 10
SE0019 SE19 Services Janis Nicholes Two hours of housecleaning
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
I'll come and clean for you at a time to be mutually arranged.
And all with a big smile!
1 44 0 .000004E9 40 .000001E9 10
FO0019 FO19 Food Auction Team Tea for Two
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Using a sweet setting of blue-and-white porcelain dishes contributed by Lynne Nittler, the auction team put together a sweet little "Tea for Two" basket featuring tea (of course!), scone mix, coconut creme, shortbread, and two cloth napkins. Add cream and sugar and you are set, or use as is for a lovely hostess gift. 1 33 0 .000003E9 30 .000001E9 10
SE0018 SE18 Services Laurie Friedman Photography for wedding or other event
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Friedman Fotography has been in business since 2000, providing quality, personal, and affordable photography for weddings and other events--with an artistic eye. You'll get all the photos, a custom album, and a DVD with all the photos to use as you wish!
It's much more enjoyable to do photography for nice people so I love UU events, and am making this offer: For a $100 donation to the UU, I'll subtract $250 from the already very affordable wedding/event package ($995-$1295, depending on the number of hours needed). Please visit my website at www.friedmanfotography.com to see more photos.
2 2 .000025E9 250 .00001E9 100
FO0018 FO18 Food Auction Team Port & Cheese An oh-so-yummy bottle of PasoPorto Vineyard Portuguese Style 2008 Port is paired with a 3-pack of Laura Chenel Goat Cheese (black truffle, honey, and summer fig), 4 ounces each, plus Imported French Brie, from Isigny Ste. Mere, 13.4 ounces. Add crackers and it's a repast in a basket! 1 80 0 .0000075E9 75 .0000022E9 22
AR0011 AR11 Artwork Auction Team Ballet-Themed Quilt from the UUCD Quilters
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We have a wonderful group of artistic quilters here at UUCD. They have donated this beautiful quilt, which measures 45 inches wide, and 40 inches long. 1 55 0 .000005E9 50 .000002E9 20
FO0017 FO17 Food Auction Team Davis Food Co-op Gift Card
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
The Davis Food Co-op has generously donated a $100 gift card.

The DFC is a full-line grocery store in downtown Davis.
Owned and operated by 10,000 local households, the Co-op is forty-three years old and still growing.

Shop the Co-op, and your dollars directly support our economy.

1 0 .00001E9 100 .000003E9 30
FO0016 FO16 Food Auction Team Night on the Town w/ Hot Italian & Regal
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Haven't yet been to Davis' newest pizza place?
Well, Hot Italian Pizza Bar is AMAZING!

Their pizzas are a healthier alternative to traditional pies, and feature local, conscientious ingredients.

It’s the first pizza restaurant in the nation to be REAL certified by the U.S. Healthful Food Council (http://eatreal.org).

Date night, anyone? We've paired this with a $25 Regal Cinemas Gift Card.

1 85 0 .0000075E9 75 .0000028E9 28
T0003 T3 Tickets Stacie and Lucas Frerichs 2017 Davis Shakespeare Festival Season Tickets
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Perhaps you're already a dedicated fan? Haven't yet been to a show?
Well, the Davis Shakespeare Ensemble is creating AMAZING theatrical productions right here in our midst.

The Davis Shakespeare Festival returns for its 7th year in 2017!


Festival dates: June - October 2017
Thursday-Saturday at 8 p.m., Saturdays & Sundays at 2 p.m.
Summer shows run in repertory

The Davis Shakespeare Ensemble's Season Ticket offers the opportunity to select seats for each performance in advance. Should the need arise, the Season Ticket also offers you the flexibility to change performance dates and select your new seats online and at your convenience.

1 0 .000014E9 140 .000005E9 50
FO0015 FO15 Food Auction Team Keep Warm This Winter: Peet's & Port
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Peets Coffee & Tea has generously donated a $20 gift card as well as 1 pound of their limited edition Holiday Blend coffee.

We've paired it with a bottle of PasoPort Christmas Noel Port. What a great way to keep the chill at bay.

1 88 0 .000008E9 80 .000003E9 30
FO0014 FO14 Food Auction Team Family night Out - Dinner & Dessert
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Who doesn't like pizza?!
Woodstock's Davis has generously donated a $30 gift card.

Yolo Berry Frozen Yogurt has donated $30 in gift cards as well. Take the kids and have a night off.

1 66 0 .000006E9 60 .0000025E9 25
AR0010 AR10 Artwork Nancy Richter Brzeski Original painting-Hymn to the Moon
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
This original tempera painting by artist Nancy Richter Brzeski was completed in 2007. Nancy is a long-time member of the church and has pursued her passion in the arts for decades. She has had a major installation in SF and has had her works displayed in local venues. She describes the inspiration for this painting in her book "The Passionate Art of Nancy Richter Brzeski" as follows:

"Hymn to the Moon was painted in Paula Powers' Creativity Workshop in Oakland. I was listening to Renee Antonin Dvorak's opera Rusalka, which we had recently seen in San Francisco. I was listening to it on my portable CD player, dancing to it, singing it, totally immersed in it. I imagined that I was about to die. This was my last chance to make a strong affirmative statement to leave behind. I waited excitedly for the solo violin passage at the end, which rises like a flame, so afraid that I might mess up the whole painting. When I had done it, I shouted "I did it!"

1 1 .00008E9 800 .00005E9 500
AR0009 AR9 Artwork Nancy Richter Brzeski Original painting-Music of the Spheres
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
This original tempera painting by Nancy Richter Brzeski was completed in 2010. A local artist and long-time member of our church, Nancy has pursued her passion in the arts for decades. She has also had one major installation in SF and had her work shown in local venues. Many of her works have been inspired by dreams. 1 1 .00007E9 700 .00005E9 500
SE0017 SE17 Services Ted Swift Macintosh Computer Tune-up
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Do you have an Apple Macintosh desktop or laptop computer, and suspect it could use a tune up? Do you want to do some spring cleaning, but unsure where to begin? I will look over your computer, make recommendations, and tune up your Mac based on your choices. If you are the high bidders, we will arrange a mutually convenient time to meet. 2 55 0 .000005E9 50 .0000015E9 15
EN0003 EN3 Entertainment Auction Team Vocal Art Ensemble DVDs!
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Catch up on VAE shows you may have missed, or share them with family and friends who may not know about the amazing music that takes place at UUCD. It's like having a private concert in your own home! Plus the combination footage lets you experience the music-making in a compelling new way. They also make unique gifts!

Godai - 5th Anniversary Celebration featuring multiple guest artists, including the UUCD Juuliebells
Nativus - Captivating Christmas story told through music and narration
Mostly Madrigals - Educational and entertaining jaunt into the Renaissance
Comfort Food - Diverse array of enticing musical flavors

1 66 1 .000006E9 60 .000002E9 20
EN0002 EN2 Entertainment Auction Team Private Concert with local band Tree-O
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
From bluesy rockers to country ballads, surf music to old-time and bluegrass styles, contemporary pop to classic western swing, Tree-O brings a new acoustic string band sensibility to its performances.

Purchase your private one hour concert, and let their music soothe your soul. CDs will also be offered at the auction. (The band will share 50/50 of all profits with the church.) Date arranged by winning bidder.

Tree-O’s sound features lush three-part harmonies supported by a driving rhythmic accompaniment. Each member shares lead vocals throughout the set. George Haver, guitar, leads with a warm and engaging tenor voice. Rick Palkovic offers instrumental color on mandolin and Dobro, adding his high baritone to harmony and lead vocals. Jamie Knapp holds down the bottom end with the upright bass and adds harmony and lead vocals. But any of the three is likely to pick up a banjo, recorder, keyboard or other instrument if not restrained. The result is a delightfully diverse and eclectic instrumentation.

Tree-O came together under the name Rubber Soulmates for what was originally envisioned as a one-time gig to perform acoustic interpretations of hits from the 1965 Beatles classic, Rubber Soul. They had so much fun playing together that they stayed together, quickly expanding their repertoire to include other artists and genres, as well as their own originals.

More info: http://www.treeomusic.com/

1 550 1 .00005E9 500 .000015E9 150
FO0012 FO12 Food Betsy Flynn Apple Pie
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Apple pie for any occasion. My apple pie is an award winner, in both the Yolo County and California State Fairs.

One week's notice and I'll deliver.

Order for that special dinner party!

2 28 0 .0000025E9 25 .000001E9 10
EX0015 EX15 Excursions Eldridge & Judy Moores THAR'S GOLD IN THEM THAR HILLS!
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
UUCD Geology Fieldtrip with Eldridge and Judy Moores
7:30am – 5:30pm on Saturday, April 1, 2017 (or in case of inclement weather: April 8)
$51/person (includes $11 for Empire Mine tour & $40 for UUCD)

Come explore California geology and history on a fieldtrip to the Sierra Nevada with stops including the Auburn Dam site, the Empire Mine (hard-rock gold), North San Juan Ridge hydraulic diggings (placer gold), Bullard's Bar Dam, and pillow lavas at the SR 20 Yuba Rivers Bridge to learn about California history, the origins of gold in the state, the environmental costs of mining, and the general geology of the region. We will meet in the UU Church parking lot for orientation and formation of carpools. Participants will need to bring their own picnic lunch, water, etc. Limit: 25 people.

{For those new to our church, who may not know Judy and Eldridge, he is a world renowned geologist who specializes in the understanding of ophiolites (fragments of oceanic crust and mantle that have been emplaced onto the continental crust) and the geology of the continental crust of the Western United States and Tethyan belt, the geology of Greece, Cyprus, and Pakistan, and the tectonic development of the Sierra Nevada and the Alpine - Himalayan systems. Moores is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Geology at the UC Davis. (From Wikipedia)} Judy ably assists and coordinates these events, and makes sure we don't get lost. Geologists are notorious for driving while looking at the formations on the side of the road.

This event will fill up FAST. Make sure you get to it soon if you don't want to miss out!

25 8 .00002E9 200 .0000051E9 51 4/1/17 7:30 AM
EX0014 EX14 Excursions Don & Julie Saylor Tour of Yolo County with Supervisor Saylor
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Accompany fellow UU and Yolo County Supervisor Don Saylor on a guided tour of Yolo County.
Ask Don all those burning questions you have about Yolo County!
Includes lunch as well.

Winners with work with Supervisor Saylor to select a mutually agreeable date for tour/lunch excursion.

3 55 -3 .000005E9 50 .0000015E9 15
MM0009 MM9 Meals and More Stacie and Lucas Frerichs Lucas & Stacie Driveway Dinner
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Join us for dinner in our Central Davis driveway. What, dinner in a driveway?
This is no ordinary driveway, but one that reminds people of a tree-lined plaza in Europe. Enjoy this lovely Sunday springtime evening event... all without jet lag or the cost!

Purchase one or more spots as dinner and dessert will be served al fresco paired with nice wine. Lucas and Stacie will join you for conversation and dinner.

8 -5 .000004E9 40 .000004E9 40 5/7/17 6:00 PM
FO0011 FO11 Food Caroline & Sam Bledsoe 2016 hand-harvested walnuts
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
From the Capay Valley ranch of Caroline and Sam Bledsoe, these walnuts are organically grown (not certified). Harvested by hand with a volunteer crew, these are hand shelled and bagged. Each bag is 1 pound, and full of local goodness. Great for baking or just snacks AND walnuts are an excellent source of the heart-healthy omega-3-fatty acids.

(Delivery may be shortly after the auction, depending on how hard the shells are to crack!)

3 0 .0000014E9 14 .000001E9 10
MI0009 MI9 Miscellaneous Ellen Coppock Lovely crystal wine glass set -- 10 glasses
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Take home this classy set of wine glasses. Pattern: Navarre-Clear by Fostoria. A current value of $44 each online, these are a great deal. Beautiful detailing on the bowl and stems, they will make any dinner seem more special.

(Click on photo to see correct perspective!)

1 484 0 .000044E9 440 .000012E9 120
PE0017 PE17 Parties & Events Stacie and Lucas Frerichs Letterpress Greeting Card Workshop
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Join Stacie Frerichs in her Central Davis garage art studio for a demonstration of letterpress printing followed by the opportunity to print 5 greeting cards on her antique letterpress. Plan on 2 hours for the demonstration and printing activity. 10 -1 .000004E9 40 .000002E9 20 1/28/17 1:00 PM
FO0010 FO10 Food Wanda & Alfonso Anaya A magnum of Hahn Estates 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
One magnum of Hahn Estates 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon. 1 220 0 .00002E9 200 .000006E9 60
T0001 T1 Tickets Jonathan Corbett Tickets for Woodland Opera House
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Flex Pass for 8 ticket vouchers for any of the Main Stage or Theatre for Family Shows.
Includes vouchers for local businesses such as Kitchen 28 and Bella Bean Coffee. Vouchers can be redeemed singly, in groups, or gifted to others.
1 0 .0000225E9 225 .0000065E9 65
ED0007 ED7 Education Auction Team Gift Certificate from Davis Arts Center, w/tote bag
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
The Davis Arts Center (DAC) is a gathering place for dynamic engagement with the arts. Through multidisciplinary classes and programs for the regional community, the Arts Center inspires creative expression in people of all ages and fosters an environment for the arts to flourish.

This item includes a $30 gift certificate good towards a class at DAC, plus a heavy-duty canvas tote bag as pictured.

1 50 0 .0000045E9 45 .0000015E9 15
T0002 T2 Tickets Auction Team Two Tickets, Curtis Chamber Orchestra at Mondavi Center
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
A voucher for two tickets to see the Curtis Chamber Orchestra perform at The Robert and Margrit Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts at UC Davis.

The Curtis Institute of Music educates and trains exceptionally gifted young musicians for careers as performing artists at the highest professional level. This unique professional training (and the full tuition scholarships provided to all of its students) has enabled Curtis alumni like Lang Lang, Samuel Barber, Leonard Bernstein and others, to assume prominent positions in America’s leading orchestras and ensembles around the world. In this return engagement, the future stars in the Curtis Chamber Orchestra will perform the five Mozart violin concertos with five soloists from within the orchestra. The program’s highlight—the magnificent Sinfonia Concertante—features renowned violist Roberto Díaz, president of the Curtis Institute of Music, and legendary violinist and faculty member Shmuel Ashkenasi.

This performance is broken into two parts around an extended dinner break and is sold as a single event.

1 165 0 .000015E9 150 .0000045E9 45 1/21/17 3:00 PM
EX0013 EX13 Excursions Kathy Boyajian & Donna Sachs Kayaking and Lunch at Lake Solano with Kathy & Donna
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Donna Sachs and Kathy Boyajian will take two people on a springtime 90 minute-2 hour kayaking excursion on the gentle waters of Lake Solano. This is a great way to enjoy and appreciate nature’s beauty and rejuvenate your soul. After our kayaking adventure, you will be taken to the Putah Creek Cafe in Winters for a relaxing and delicious lunch.

All kayaks, life jackets, and paddles will be provided for your use. No experience is necessary. This excursion is offered from March 1 through June 1 on a mutually agreed upon date. Please note: Each purchaser should weigh no more than 200 lbs.

2 66 0 .000006E9 60 .000002E9 20
FO0008 FO8 Food Karen & Ramon Urbano Wilbur's Milk Chocoate bar
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
A two pound bar of delicious milk chocolate with almonds from Wilbur Chocolate in Lititz, Pennsylvania. 1 40 0 .0000036E9 36 .000001E9 10
PE0016 PE16 Parties & Events Dan & Millie Braunstein Battle of the Wineries
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Spend an evening at the Braunstein home enjoying tasty finger foods as you challenge yourself with a blind wine tasting. You will explore differences between Shiraz wines from Yolo County/Clarksburg vs those from Napa/Sonoma. 10 2 .0000035E9 35 .0000035E9 35 3/10/17 6:30 PM
EX0012 EX12 Excursions Lorrie Irish Unleash your Hidden Monet
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Spend an afternoon being a plein-aire artist! You'll be whisked to a bucolic setting where canvas, acrylic paint & brushes will be provided to enable you to capture the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Lorrie intends this to be a fun, informal painting experience with more encouragement than actual instruction offered. And, you'll get to take home your finished piece, along with brushes and paint.

This will be scheduled for a beautiful early-spring 2017 day (Jan. - April) within 1-hour radius of Davis. Painting time: 3-4 hours.

3 55 -1 .000005E9 50 .0000015E9 15
SE0016 SE16 Services Chris Sanborn Recording Studio: Three Hours
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Three hours of professional studio time and includes a CD design and ten copies of CDs with printing on the CD, also audio MP3 files on a flash drive (you provide) so you can upload songs to the websites of your choice. Record your songs or spoken stories. Several instruments, engineer, and production help included.

Record yourself or your group (up to five people). Or, if you wish, give this to someone you love who needs a gentle nudge to start their recording career.

Impulse Recording Studio, now in its 22nd year, welcomes all kinds of talent and production. We have recorded commercials, sound tracks, bands, musical groups, and audition tapes for over 200 clients. See Impulse Recording Studio on Facebook for more details. Time to be arranged with studio, must be used within nine months.

Let's make a great recording!

1 220 0 .00002E9 200 .000006E9 60
FO0007 FO7 Food Debbie & Robert Ramming Fresh, Organic Strawberries
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
What could be fresher than just-picked strawberries? You pick them yourself, and the winner of this item receives a 1-gallon bucket of organic u-pick strawberries. Pick in our field (Pacific Star Gardens) around the Ides of May or when the gods decide to ripen them. 2 22 0 .000002E9 20 .000001E9 10
VA0004 VA4 Vacation/Lodging Nancy Richter Brzeski Weekend in San Francisco
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Relax in a beautiful San Francisco apartment on scenic Russian Hill. Take in views from the 11th floor of the Bay, Golden Gate Bridge, Angel Island and more. Many shops and restaurants are a short walk from the apartment on 1101 Green Street. Get away from the Valley and enjoy all that the city offers in your own private space. Walking distance to Union Sq., Lombard St. and Fishermans Wharf and 1 block to Hyde St. cable car line. Come on a Friday and stay through the weekend in this 1 bedroom gem.

{Stock photo of Russian Hill--actual view may be better!}

Date to be arranged with Nancy Brzeski. Research things to do in the neighborhood here: http://www.7x7.com/neighborhood-guide-what-to-do-in-russian-hill-1787224725.html

1 0 .00006E9 600 .00002E9 200
PE0015 PE15 Parties & Events Jeri & Clifford Ohmart Wine Tasting of St. Amant wines with Winemaker
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
St Amant is one of the oldest wineries in Lodi. The St Amant 2013 Tempranillo was winner of the Best of Show Red Wine at the 2016 California State Fair. Also their 2014 Verdelho won four star gold at the 2016 Orange County wine festival. More than 2500 wines are entered in each of these events. Both wines will be part of the tasting along with other St Amant wines, such as Old Vine Zinfandel, Souzao, and Barbera.

St. Amant Assistant Winemaker Joel Ohmart is the son of Jeri and Cliff Ohmart. He will be conducting the tasting.

The wine tasting will be in their home; appetizers will be served that will be paired with the wines.

12 0 .000005E9 50 .0000035E9 35 2/5/17 4:00 PM
AR0006 AR6 Artwork Kathy Warnock The Tree Of Life Wisen's Up Acrylic painting of Owl and Tree of Life. 1 38 0 .0000035E9 35 .000001E9 10
AR0004 AR4 Artwork Auction Team Pillow Cases Made by the UUCD Quiliters
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
A sweet, one-of-a-kind pair of pillowcases donated by the loving & busy hands of the UUCD Quilters. 1 44 -1 .000004E9 40 .0000012E9 12
ED0006 ED6 Education Auction Team Summer Camp Scholarship - Redbud Montessori
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Redbud Montessori will donate one week of full-time care for a child aged 3-6, during our 2017 summer camp. Camp will be held from June 19 through August 4. Winners have the choice of week if told to Redbud by April 1, 2017. After April 1 your choice will depend on an available week. The theme for 2017 Summer Camp is yet to be determined but summer camp is always fun and a great place to make new friends.

Value: This includes one week tuition, 7:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m. and registration fee. Two scholarships are offered.

2 400 2 .0000365E9 365 .00001E9 100
FO0009 FO9 Food Auction Team Fresh, Organic Fruits & Vegetables from Farm Fresh to You - Gift Certificate
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
This certificate entitles the bearer to Three Home Deliveries of Fresh, Organic Fruits & Vegetables of Any Regular Box from Farm Fresh to You. Certificate does not expire, and is redeemable by new and current customers.

Farm Fresh to You grows and harvests organic produce, and delivers it directly to your home or workplace. You are able to choose the box type, size and delivery frequency that best suits your lifestyle and family size. You can Customize your Box in My Farm Stand Market online by adding items you want, removing those you don’t, and adding other delicious farm products if you choose. Your delivery will be quietly left on your doorstep between 8:00 p.m. (the night before) and 8:00 a.m. on your delivery day.

We’re excited to deliver fresh, organic fruits and vegetables from our fields to your doorstep! Certificate includes instructions for activation. More info at www.farmfreshtoyou.com.

1 110 0 .0000099E9 99 .0000035E9 35
MM0008 MM8 Meals and More Rev. Morgan & Daniel McLean Burns Dinner
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Come celebrate the life of Robert Burns, Scotland's national poet. Traditional Scottish poetry, food, and songs will fill our fun evening together. Kilts encouraged!

Dinner offered at the home of Rev. Morgan McLean & Daniel Kirsch (one flight of stairs required).

8 0 .000005E9 50 .000005E9 50 1/25/17 6:00 PM
EX0011 EX11 Excursions Evelyne and Richard Rominger Rominger Farm Tour, Sustainable Farm Practices Discussion, and Farm Lunch
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
A farm tour (including tomato harvest and vineyards) and discussion of sustainable farming, agriculture and food policies, and politics. A farm lunch, including local products and wines, will follow at the Rominger home. 8 0 .000005E9 50 .000005E9 50 7/29/17 10:00 AM
PE0014 PE14 Parties & Events Barbara Meixner Borrow Barbara's Pool
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Do you anticipate needing relief from next summer’s global warming in Davis? Cool off in Barbara Meixner’s pool. Perfect for a youngster’s summer birthday party or for visiting cousins, aunts and uncles. Group of adults also welcome. I’ll provide pool noodles, balls and rackets and, for refreshment, popcorn (or birthday cupcakes) and lemonade. 2:00 – 5:00 pm on a date to be negotiated.

(Photo courtesy of www.freestockphotos.biz)

1 165 1 .000015E9 150 .0000045E9 45
SE0014 SE14 Services Peg & Walt Swain Tree Pruning
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Pruning of trees and shrubs--cuts up to 20 feet high. Walt can work alone, removing brush himself, or with owner, saving time and pruning more.

Other professional arborists charge up to $100/hour, so this service is a real bargain!

Walt will be offering this BY THE SESSION. Each session will be a minimum of 2 "generous" hours.
Dates to be arranged.

3 220 0 .00002E9 200 .000006E9 60
MM0007 MM7 Meals and More Karen Klussendorf Dinner hosted by Glacier Circle
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Enjoy dinner with the Glacier Circle Residents in their beautiful home. The recipients will be wined and dined and treated to inspiring conversation.

There are two seats available at the table; date to be scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time.

2 33 0 .000003E9 30 .000001E9 10
VA0003 VA3 Vacation/Lodging Mari & Roberto Perla Three-Night Stay for Two at Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Select the date between April-June 2017 for a three night stay at the Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort in South Lake Tahoe. Deluxe one bedroom, one bath suite includes a king size bed and a flat screen TV. The bathroom includes a stand up shower, a garden tub, a double sink counter top, and a light up makeup mirror. The kitchen provides a full size refrigerator, dishwasher, stove/oven, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, and cooking utensils. The living room area has an electric fire place, a flat screen TV, DVD player, and a dining area. 1 0 .000065E9 650 .00003E9 300
SE0013 SE13 Services Allegra Silberstein A Poem for You or for someone you love...
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
After gathering information about you or the person you select, I will write a poem for you... I will need 2 weeks after getting information from you. 1 110 0 .00001E9 100 .0000035E9 35
EX0010 EX10 Excursions Stefan Harvey BENDING THE ARC: Hiking and “Knowing” Pt Reyes National Seashore
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Hike in the beauty of the Pt Reyes National Seashore after having learned about the advocacy that saved the land that became Pt Reyes National Seashore.

On June 24th join up to 25 others for a 6-10 mile hike with lunch.

On May 24th view the film, Rebels With A Cause, a stunningly beautiful film narrated by Frances McDormand that chronicles a battle over land including the land that became Pt Reyes National Seashore and reports the work of community activists that changed the American landscape forever. Movie refreshments to be served.

As this is an ideal event for families with children (at least 12 years old) who like to hike, children may attend for free.

The Saturday hike will be all day. The location and time of the Wednesday evening film to be announced.

25 10 .0000025E9 25 .0000025E9 25 6/24/17 8:00 AM
EX0009 EX9 Excursions Robin Datel BENDING THE ARC: Sacramento’s Oak Park
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Take a walking tour of central Oak Park with urban geographer Robin Datel. The tour emphasizes the African American history of Sacramento’s first suburb, including the site of the Sacramento branch of the Black Panther Party and the building where the Ku Klux Klan held a recruitment meeting decades earlier. Recent investments in the area are changing the face(s) of the neighborhood.

Pick up a coffee beforehand at Old Soul at Broadway and 35th Street. The Farmer’s Market in McClatchy Park will be on our route.

15 0 .000002E9 20 .000002E9 20 5/20/17 10:00 PM
EX0008 EX8 Excursions Stefan Harvey BENDING THE ARC: A Social Justice Scavenger Hunt
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
How much do you know about social justice sites in Davis? Test your knowledge of the places in our city and university that embody or commemorate social justice stories and leaders. As you discover these places and people, get inspired.

On March 25 join in the fun of a scavenger hunt with 20 questions. Pursuit of answers to the questions will be by bicycle. The hunt will be preceded by lunch in Davis’ Central Park followed by dessert and a whimsical awards ceremony in the park.

Families very welcomed; children under age 16 are free, but must be accompanied by an adult. All participants must wear a helmet.

Join as a team of up to 6 people or as an individual (individuals can form teams the day of event).

42 37 .0000015E9 15 .000001E9 10 3/25/17 12:00 PM
EX0007 EX7 Excursions Robin Datel BENDING THE ARC: Oakland’s Black Panther Party
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Visit the Oakland Museum of California to view the exhibit, “All Power to the People: Black Panthers at 50.” After lunch visit the African American Museum and Library at Oakland for the related photography show, “Revolutionary Grain: Celebrating the Spirit of the Black Panthers in Portraits and Stories.” You will be able to see at least the exterior of the UU Church of Oakland, as it is on the same block as AAMLO.

Participants can choose to ride Amtrak to Oakland and back, to carpool, or to arrive under their own power. The distance between the two museum venues is about a dozen blocks, which can be walked or covered using transit, personal auto, or Uber.

At a later date, a gathering will be provided to discuss the museum exhibits and how current antiracist efforts, including those of our church, relate to the history presented.

Price includes museum admission and lunch. Participants are responsible for getting themselves to Oakland and back; donor Robin Datel can help arrange carpools.

The 10:30 start time refers to when participants should be at the Oakland Museum.

15 7 .000003E9 30 .0000025E9 25 1/7/17 10:30 AM
EX0006 EX6 Excursions Laura Sandage & Satinder Sandhu Labyrinth Micro-Pilgrimage
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
A pilgrimage is a journey of the soul that you take in your physical body, step by step. The same can be said of walking the labyrinth, an ancient form of moving meditation.

Join Laura Sandage and Satinder Sandhu for a very local pilgrimage to three Davis church labyrinths. This 4-hour small group experience will include social time while we walk between sites, reflective time during labyrinth walks, simple ritual elements to create a sacred container for our experience, and a homemade Indian lunch at Laura and Satinder's house en route.

Suitable for all ages and designed to be enjoyed in any weather. Participants must be capable of walking (or riding in stroller or backpack) for about 4 miles.

12 11 .000005E9 50 .0000025E9 25 11/12/16 10:00 AM
MM0006 MM6 Meals and More Jill & Warren Pickett Mediterranean Supper on the Patio
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Join us in our lovely garden for a Mediterranean supper. Omnivorous options will be available. 16 4 .0000075E9 75 .0000045E9 45 4/29/17 6:30 PM
MI0007 MI7 Miscellaneous Karen & Ramon Urbano Walnuts and nutcracker
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
A five pound bag of un-shelled English walnuts (2016 crop) from the Urbano trees plus a handy dandy nut cracker that will make your cracking easy. Nutcracker to be delivered later. 1 38 0 .0000035E9 35 .000001E9 10
SE0012 SE12 Services Auction Team Financial Planning Consultation
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Gift certificate for a two-hour focused consultation about your finances with Symphony Financial Planning in Davis. 1 550 0 .00005E9 500 .00001E9 100
PE0013 PE13 Parties & Events Marty West Summer Pool Party
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Splash around in my pool and hot tub one hot afternoon in June or July. The deep end of the pool has a diving rock.

One buyer for the entire event... you recruit your party people, up to 10; perfect for families with children. Food and drinks are included.

1 0 .00003E9 300 .000009E9 90
PE0012 PE12 Parties & Events Carol Corbett Tantalizing Table Topics and Terrific Tasty Treats
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Join Carol Corbett, Donna Sachs, and Virginia Thigpen for an evening of guided conversations. Topics will be pulled from "Table Topics" and discussed in small groups of six, which will include one of our hosts.
Think about new subjects. Get to know your fellow participants more fully. Pet my friendly dog.
Enjoy tasty treats, coffee or tea, wine or beer. You're also welcome to bring a favorite beverage.
15 2 .000003E9 30 .000002E9 20 2/18/17 7:30 PM
FO0006 FO6 Food Jonathan Corbett Wine Country deluxe basket
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Beautiful basket filled with tasty treats from Wine Country Gift Baskets (item 605).
Wide assortment of cookies, candies, crackers, cheese, salmon, nuts. Yum!
1 110 0 .000009995E9 99.95 .0000035E9 35
AR0003 AR3 Artwork Emily Burstein Mexican Oaxacan Dog Painted Wooden Figure
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Oaxacan Purple Dog. Artist is Gerardo Ojeda. He sits on a mini Mexican woven rug. 1 66 0 .000006E9 60 .000002E9 20
VA0002 VA2 Vacation/Lodging Nancy & Anne Jungerman Beach House for the Weekend
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
This home, in the village of Dillon Beach, sleeps 8 comfortably, more if motivated. Up the hill from Tomales Bay waterfront, it boasts lovely views across the bay to Point Reyes peninsula from the main floor living area and the upstairs bedrooms. It's a great place for a small group retreat or a family weekend. Offered for the 3 night stay, dates TBD. Bring your own sheets & towels. House to be left clean & ready for next guests - either self clean or pay $60 extra cleaning fee at arrival. Enjoy the Beach! 1 0 .00009E9 900 .00003E9 300
FO0004 FO4 Food Karen Klussendorf Soup & More by the Board
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Take home a quart of soup, bread item and dessert once a month January through December 2017. Meal will be delivered monthly for an ENTIRE YEAR by a board member. 1 0 .000036E9 360 .00001E9 100
PE0011 PE11 Parties & Events Karen Klussendorf Yoga & More Retreat
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Bring in the New Year with a Retreat... movement & stillness, blended with a light lunch and awesome company. 10:30am - 3pm
Theme: Setting Intentions
15 11 .0000075E9 75 .0000075E9 75 1/21/17 10:30 AM
FO0003 FO3 Food Frank Roe & Marie Jasieniuk A Culinary Tour of Italy
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Cook and eat the food of Italy's great cities in the comfort of your own kitchen. This basketful of recipes, food, and wine will get you started. Buona mangiata! 1 110 0 .00001E9 100 .0000035E9 35
PE0010 PE10 Parties & Events Rose Butler Afternoon Tea Catering
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
I will prepare a delicious afternoon tea for up to six guests to be served in the comfort of your own home. Menu options include your choice of a variety of teas, tea sandwiches, tea breads, cakes, and cookies. Gluten free and vegan options available. Don't have a teapot or teacups? No problem! I'll bring my own. You just provide plates, spoons, forks, and napkins (which I'll clean up for you!). 1 138 0 .0000125E9 125 .0000038E9 38
SE0011 SE11 Services Kathy Coulter Learn How to Preserve Your Favorite Digital Photos in a Photo Book
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Using the free downloadable program My Publisher, your home computer and your digital photos, I will help you through the process of preserving your favorite photos in a photo book. Cost of final product is determined by you and not included in this tutorial. High bidder receives up to four hours of services. Date and time to be determined. 1 110 0 .00001E9 100 .0000035E9 35
MM0005 MM5 Meals and More Kathy & Jim Coulter Wine and Food Pairing
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Four wines paired with four small plates for a fun evening for foodies and wine lovers. Information on each wine and recipes will be provided.

This tasting menu will not accommodate special dietary needs and is based on appropriate dishes for specific wine varietals.

8 0 .000004E9 40 .000004E9 40 1/15/17 5:00 PM
AR0002 AR2 Artwork Autumn Labbe-Renault Selection of products from Autumn Light Designs
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
On Sept. 30, 2016, I realized a longtime goal and opened up an Etsy shop called Autumn Light Designs. Etsy is a global online marketplace for handmade items and creative supplies.

I create one-of-a-kind jewelry from antique and vintage buttons, reclaimed vintage beads and findings, and modern components. I also craft handmade cards, decorated journals, and gift items such as vintage button hairpins, magnets, and more.

I'll offer a basket containing several items from my shop. You can enjoy them yourself, or know that you're purchasing several holiday gifts in one go!

1 110 0 .00001E9 100 .0000035E9 35
SE0010 SE10 Services Autumn & Craig Labbe-Renault Handyscaping by Craig
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
I'll provide an estimate on up to two projects, and up to 2 hours work. I describe my services as "handyscaping." Although I specialize in drip irrigation (design, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting) and other landscape services (pruning, site prep, hardscaping, etc), my clients often need some small things done. So whether it's replacing an outlet, changing a doorknob, repairing window trim, I'm happy to help. I have many UU members among my clients. Will schedule with you at your convenience. 1 192 0 .0000175E9 175 .000005E9 50
ED0005 ED5 Education Ted Swift Bill & Ted's Excellent Stargazing Adventure
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Come enjoy a stargazing tour of the night sky with Bill Lower & Ted Swift.

An enthralling tour of the constellations, views of the Moon, planets, galaxies, the Great Nebula in Orion, and some unusually
colored stars (Herschel's Garnet Star). We will have two or three telescopes available for viewing, steered by your hosts.

Guests are welcome to bring their own binoculars and/or telescopes.

Location: Fairfield School north parking lot, 26960 Co. Road 96, just north of Russell Blvd 2 miles west of Pedrick Road ("Cactus
Corners"), just west of the Unitarian Church.

The date will be dependent on weather. We will plan to meet at 7 PM, January 6 (with January 7th, February 3rd, or February 4th as backup dates.)

20 4 .000002E9 20 .000002E9 20 1/6/17 7:00 PM
EX0005 EX5 Excursions David Davies Photo Hike with Professional Photographer
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Take a hike with your camera and two guides to Vacaville City's Lagoon Valley. See all variety of flowers, birds, trees, and likely deer. Two routes are possible; easy and less easy. Photo lessons are given on the walk.

Lunch together but on your own at a great Vietnamese restaurant in Vacaville.

We will meet at the church at 9:00 to arrange carpooling; expect to return by 2:00.

6 0 .000005E9 50 .000002E9 20 4/15/17 9:00 AM
SE0009 SE9 Services David Davies Outdoor Portrait Session
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
David Davies is a highly regarded local area photographer. His landscapes and portraits are truly artistic and creative.

The winner of this wonderful auction item will receive a portrait taken at location of your choice (near Davis) which will include an 11x14 finished print. This exposure will have received David's expert finesse using Photoshop or other photographic programs.

Winner to contact David to arrange date and location for portrait.

1 330 0 .00003E9 300 .000009E9 90
PE0009 PE9 Parties & Events Dorothy Frueh & Jill Somers Learn how to toot your own horn!
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Always wanted to toot your own horn? It's not too late!

You just need to be willing to be a beginner and have fun with the process! Lesson includes how to hold a clarinet, sax or trumpet, how to make a sound, and how to play a few tunes in the hour and a half session. I have done this several times and it has always been fun, exciting and very successful! (All instruments will be provided, or you can bring your own clarinet, sax or trumpet.)

Retired Jr. High band director and current director of the 3 Note Band.

8 2 .000003E9 30 .0000015E9 15 2/4/17 7:00 PM
AR0001 AR1 Artwork Leslie Snow "Down By the Sea" handbag
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
This is a one-of-a-kind handbag created by artist Rochelle Leigh Almeida as part of her line, "La Jollie Chatte Handbags.

This fully lined bag is constructed of canvas, silk and velvet, and features thousands of sequins. Truly a unique gift.

These bags are sold exclusively at boutiques in Beverly Hills, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Solvang, and Puerta Vallarta

1 110 0 .00001E9 100 .0000035E9 35
SE0008 SE8 Services Frank Roe Photo portrait
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
One portrait, taken by photographer Frank Roe.

The winner will receive an 8x10 photo portrait, printed and framed. The portrait may be photographed anywhere in Davis.

1 55 0 .000005E9 50 .0000015E9 15
PE0008 PE8 Parties & Events Carlena Wike and Liz Young Pool, Darts, and a Sing-a-Long
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Play pool and darts at the home of Ron and Carlena Wike in Woodland. Grab a cue and whoop it up or join the hootenanny in the parlor featuring Liz Young on piano. Hors d'ouvres, wine & beer included. Possible outbreak of board games.

Spots go to first 25 bidders.

25 12 .0000025E9 25 .0000025E9 25 2/4/17 6:30 PM
ED0004 ED4 Education Louise Bettner Piano lesson - Jazz focus
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
I will show you simple jazz techniques on keyboard. Anyone can learn!

Lesson is one-hour, and to be arranged at a mutually convenient time.

1 66 0 .000006E9 60 .000002E9 20
SE0007 SE7 Services Laurie Friedman Travel Advice
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Unbeknownst to many, Laurie Friedman loves to travel (almost as much as she loves photography), and has been to over 65 countries on all 7 continents. She'll sit down with you and suggest possible places you might like to go based on your interests/time/$, etc. If you're interested in tours, she'll also provide catalogs from travel companies, including some very affordable small-group adventure travel companies.

This is for a one-hour session. If you want more than one hour, win more than one offer.

4 28 2 .0000025E9 25 .000001E9 10
SE0006 SE6 Services Laurie Friedman Organizer Bunny Services
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Organizationally challenged? Let the Organizer Bunny help! She loves to organize homes, garages, even overwhelming papers in your office, so your life will be easier.

This is for a one-hour session. There are 4 sessions available, and sessions may be combined if you win more than one!

4 28 1 .0000025E9 25 .000001E9 10
ED0003 ED3 Education Corky Quirk Bat Presentation by NorCal Bats
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Enjoy a visit with bats! I can present in your home or visit a child's classroom, scout group, etc. I will teach about bats through a Power Point presentation and even bring live bats! Great for birthdays too.

For a group of up to 25 participants.
Date to be decided with winning bidder.

1 198 0 .000018E9 180 .000005E9 50
FO0001 FO1 Food Linda Magrum & Charles McGinn Participate in an olive harvest and receive a pint bottle of the oil produced
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Join Linda Magrum and Charles McGinn in their October, 2017 olive harvest. Help pick olives, learn about the processes involved in pressing and curing olives and take home a pint of the oil produced.

Dates to be announced next September.

4 0 .000003E9 30 .0000025E9 25
ED0002 ED2 Education Linda Magrum In-home Powerpoint presentation on gardening-related topics
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Master Gardener and landscape designer Linda Magrum will present a 1-hour talk and slide show on one of 3 topics: Drought-Tolerant Landscaping, Gardening to Attract Birds and Beneficial Insects, or Container Gardening. Recipient will receive an electronic copy the presentation. Offered as a one-on-one or small group presentation, date of mutual convenience. 1 55 1 .000005E9 50 .0000015E9 15
SE0005 SE5 Services Linda Magrum Landscape Design Consultation
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Linda Magrum, Master Gardener and owner of Second Nature Garden Design, will provide a 1-hour consultation on how you can best create an inviting, sustainable landscape in your own yard. 3 83 0 .0000075E9 75 .0000025E9 25
PE0007 PE7 Parties & Events Dan & Panna Putnam Bollywood Party
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Learn to do basic Bollywood dancing steps and dance to Bollywood music; enjoy some "chaat" - street cuisine of India, try a bindi or temporary tattoo, in a relaxed Indian Bollywood setting.

March 11, 2017, 5:00 PM

12 0 .000003E9 30 .000003E9 30 3/11/17 5:00 PM
SE0004 SE4 Services John & Barbara Ashby Reiki Session
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Want to feel peaceful and recharged? Let me guide you with a personal Reiki Session. Reiki is a Japanese spiritual practice from the 1800s, brought to the West in the 1940s to balance mind, body, and spirit. It is a form of energy medicine that works on one's biofield, a bit like acupuncture without the needles. Reiki provides gentle, non-invasive touch that facilitates the the natural flow of energy to to support your body's ability to heal holistically.

There are no know medical contraindications to Reiki. You do not need to believe or do anything. Simply take off your shoes, stretch out on the massage table, and receive. Reiki is offered with loving intention for the greatest good.

One-hour session to be scheduled at a mutually convenient time at my studio in West Davis.

2 66 0 .000006E9 60 .000002E9 20
VA0001 VA1 Vacation/Lodging Janice & Victor Solorzano 3 days/2 nights at Lake Wildwood Vacation Home
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Spend three days at beautiful Lake Wildwood, near Grass Valley. One block from beach, includes 3 kayaks and 1 golf cart. Championship golf course close by, and available.

http://www.lakewildwood.net will provide you with more information about the amenities. The property is located at
19344 Explorer Court in Penn Valley CA.

1 0 .000066E9 660 .00002E9 200
FO0005 FO5 Food Valerie Olson & John McKean Seka (Blue) Hills Basket and Gift Certificate from the heart of the Capay Valley
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
A basket of Seka Hills store items such as olive oil, honey, nuts, and wine and a gift certificate to be used in the store or for lunch.

Seka Hills produces its own estate grown wines and extra virgin olive oil from its 1,389 acres, 250 that are certified organic. Seka Hills is a lovely scenic area in the Capay Valley, part of the Yocha Dehe Winrun Native American Nation, with a store, and inside and outside areas for lunch. Tours and tastings are also available. Open Wednesday-Sunday 11am - 6pm.

1 132 0 .000012E9 120 .000004E9 40
SE0003 SE3 Services Gail Jankowski Gardening Maintenance/Landscaping
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
I will be very happy to come and provide 2 hours of gardening maintenance and/or landscaping for your home garden. Together with my helper we can beautify your home garden or do general cleanup and/or design your landscape with new plants or just replace sad ones. If you are looking for a new wiser water system, we also do drip irrigation conversions. I am a Yolo County Master Gardener and can help with most of your gardening questions. 2 165 0 .000015E9 150 .0000045E9 45
AR0005 AR5 Artwork Lorraine & David Visher Cloth placemats and napkins made of fabric from the collection of Dorrie Dattle
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
4 placemats and 4 napkins, handmade by Lorraine Visher from fabric originating from the collection of Dorie Datel, and given away at her memorial service last year. Placemats and napkins are beautiful, reversible, and can be mixed and matched in a variety of ways and amounts. A special memory in a useful form! 5 22 0 .000002E9 20 .000001E9 10
EX0004 EX4 Excursions Marilu Carter & Paul Ulbrich South Davis Saturday Morning Guided Walk and Coffee
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
A heart-healthy walk along forested pathways and vulture roosts of south Davis. Your favorite coffee included! Meet at Common Grounds Coffee Shop, south Davis at Oakshade Town Center (Cowell Blvd. at Poleline Road). We walk for 2 to 3 miles, to be determined by group consensus. Return to Common Grounds in about an hour for coffee, introductions, and sharing on how we came to be Unitarians. "No walker left behind!" (Alternate rain date at the same time, the following Saturday, 25 March 2017.) 20 16 .0000015E9 15 .0000015E9 15 3/18/17 9:00 AM
SE0002 SE2 Services Joan Stek Airport Transportation to and from Sacramento Airport
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
I will pick up you and up to two others at your home, and deliver you to the Sacramento Airport, then pick you up when you return. My Prius can carry a limited amount of luggage. Unlike other airport shuttles, I will not take you on a scenic tour of Yolo County on the way!

(image source: http://www.bdcnetwork.com/sites/default/files/imagecache/article_image_sized/Corgan_SMF4-601.jpg)

2 88 0 .000008E9 80 .000003E9 30
EX0003 EX3 Excursions Marilu Carter & Paul Ulbrich North Davis Saturday Morning Guided Walk and Coffee
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Heart-healthy walk through north Davis greenbelts and secret pathways. Your favorite beverage is included! Meet at Peet's Coffee & Tea, north Davis at the Market Place (Covell Blvd. & Sycamore, off Highway 113). We walk for 2 to 3 miles, to be determined by group consensus. Return to Peet's in about an hour for coffee, introductions, and sharing on how we came to be Unitarians. "No walker left behind!" (Alternate rain date at the same time, the following Saturday, 11 March 2017.) 20 17 .0000015E9 15 .0000015E9 15 3/4/17 9:00 AM
EX0002 EX2 Excursions Steve Burns & Virginia Thigpen Wet and Wild or Slow and Sedate Boat Ride & Sumptuous Picnic (6 hour)
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Gather a group of friends or let your kids experience boating. We can go fast (~50 mph) or slowly and explore local waterways. Skiing and tubing are also options; if you want to wake-board you need to bring your own board. Choose from these waterways: Lake Berryessa, Folsom Lake, the Delta, or Napa River. Captain, gas and all fees included. Delightful lunch with beverages of your choice will be provided by Virginia Thigpen. Spaces: 6 seats or 750 pounds (whichever comes first). Date to be arranged with winner. 2 1 .00008E9 800 .000025E9 250
PE0006 PE6 Parties & Events Karen & Ramon Urbano Swimming & BBQ!
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Pool Party & BBQ. Swim & grill. Bring your swimsuit and your appetite. A wonderful way to spend a summer Saturday afternoon/evening! At the gorgeous rural setting of the Urbano home! Beverages & food provided. Date & time tbd. 20 4 .000003E9 30 .000003E9 30
MM0004 MM4 Meals and More Karen & Ramon Urbano Tamale-Making Party
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Tamales! Learn to make them. We will eat what we can and you can take home some more. Margaritas & beer included. Party takes shape in the amazing Urbano kitchen! Date tbd. 8 0 .000005E9 50 .000004E9 40
EN0001 EN1 Entertainment Virginia Thigpen, Sandy Westfall & Susan Coppock Irish or English Country Music Concert
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Sandy Westfall (concertina), Virginia Thigpen (flute) and Susan Coppock (harp) will provide a one-hour house concert at a date and time to be determined. May also be used for a reception, memorial service or other special occasion.
Drawing from their various performance ensembles, the repertoire will feature music in the Celtic and American tradition. With their unusual combination of instruments, these musicians love playing together. Your hour with them will be light and happy.
1 330 0 .00003E9 300 .000009E9 90
ED0001 ED1 Education Debbie Shoup Intro to Zentangle
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
A meditative class where you get to play with different patterns in a relaxed and fun environment. Beverages and snacks provided. 1.5 hours 6 4 .0000025E9 25 .0000025E9 25 1/15/17 1:30 PM
PE0005 PE5 Parties & Events Chuck Halsted, Ann Halsted & Donna Sachs Poetry, Savories, Sweets
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Join your hosts Chuck Halsted, Ann Halsted, and Donna Sachs for an evening of poetry, hearty appetizers, and desserts. Read your own poems, share selections from a favorite poet, or just come to listen.

Can you imagine a more perfect evening?

This will go to the first 12 people who sign up. If you're signing up for more than one, be sure to fill in more than one line on the sign-up sheet.

12 3 .000003E9 30 .000003E9 30 1/22/17 5:30 PM
MM0003 MM3 Meals and More Bob & Michele Van Eyken Who Dunnit (Again) on the Last Train from Paris?
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
This is the one we've been wanting to host! Re-live that scene in Casablanca as the Nazis march into Paris and you manage to get on the last train leaving... We'll likely not have the pouring rain as in the movie-- but we'll definitely have a murder! Eight suspects are trapped in the dining car and -- over a delicious meal as can only be prepared by our European '40's-era chef, Roberto -- must figure out which one is the culprit. You will be provided your character (with dress-up suggestions), a script and plenty of libations to loosen your little grey cells -- and your tongue! Note: This game is absolutely dependent on having all 8 suspects present, so if for any reason you are unable to make the train, we ask you to give your ticket to another refugee, please. 8 0 .000005E9 50 .0000045E9 45 4/1/17 6:30 PM
MM0002 MM2 Meals and More Bob & Michele Van Eyken A Tropical Evening in French West Africa
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
In the midst of winter, come spend an evening among (imaginary) palm and mango trees with us and our culinary skills. Were were Peace Corps Volunteers in the rain forest and savanna regions of Cameroon and loved the French-African blend of flavors so much, Bob created a cookbook! We'd like to share our love of the food, wine and music of French-speaking West and Central Africa with you. The evening will include cocktails, appetizers, main course, salad and cheese courses, a tropical dessert and, if requested, a lesson in West Coast African Pidgin English, accompanied by traditional and current Afro-Pop music genres. 6 0 .0000035E9 35 .0000035E9 35 2/4/17 6:30 PM
SE0001 SE1 Services Virginia Thigpen Event Help
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
I will be The Help for your next dinner or other celebration. You have me for four hours of any kind of assistance -- think food preparation, table setting, passing the hors d'oeuvres, clearing & washing dishes, scrubbing icky pans, sweeping and mop-up.

Date TBA - check for my availability before firming your event's date!

1 110 0 .00001E9 100 .0000035E9 35
PE0004 PE4 Parties & Events Emma Luna Ceramics Workshop for Two
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Emma Luna, professional artist, offers a 2-session ceramics class for two people at her completely equipped studio in west Davis.
In the first session, you will have the opportunity to create your clay works -- visual art or functional pieces; the choice is yours! The second session will find you painting your creations with glaze. Emma will be your inspiration and teacher, and she will kiln-fire your pieces after each of the two sessions. You will then pick up your handmade art to display or use in your home, or to give as unique gifts.
Class is suitable for age 8+. Winning bidder will arrange the dates with Emma. Daytime or evenings.
1 132 0 .000012E9 120 .000004E9 40
PE0003 PE3 Parties & Events Dawn Student & Bob Hathaway Tie-dye like it's 1969
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Dawn & Bob will share their tie-dying expertise while you create your own personal masterpiece. They will provide all of the materials, including your choice of t-shirt (men's / women's / youth) or an apron or scarf. You may bring one additional item. 20 12 .000004E9 40 .0000025E9 25 4/29/17 2:00 PM
PE0002 PE2 Parties & Events Dawn Student Your personal tie-dye party
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Have you ever wanted to tie-dye with your friends & family? Now's your chance. Dawn will bring all of the dyes and equipment and teach you everything you need to know to beautifully dye your items.

Your party may include up to 10 people, at my house or yours. Date and time to be negotiated.

1 110 0 .00001E9 100 .0000035E9 35
PE0001 PE1 Parties & Events Gale Sosnick Abstract Collage Class Collage is a satisfying medium for people who have an eye for design but feel thwarted by their drawing skills. Explore your creative side with an abstract collage class led by prize-winning artist Gale Sosnick. We will work with colored magazine pages and manipulate them to blur the images into visual elements that may be mysterious, playful, evocative, earthy, dreamy, bold, or misty. Play with colors, shapes and effects to create artwork for your home or a gift.

You will bring home up to three finished works, up to 11x14". All materials will be supplied. You may bring your own frames if you wish.

The class will meet for 3 hours at church on a Saturday morning in January. Open to teens and adults.

10 5 .0000025E9 25 .0000025E9 25
EX0001 EX1 Excursions Elizabeth Banks Andy Goldsworthy Art Walk - the Presidio
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Step into another world, the 300-acre urban forest of San Francisco's Presidio. We'll take a 2(+) hour walking tour of Andy Goldsworthy's art installations. Andy draws inspiration from the location of his installations and uses materials found close at hand. His art is designed with the intention that it will dissolve into the earth over time, a reminder that all of life is a temporary gift.

Learn the history of the Presidio forest, and the process used to create Goldsworthy’s installations. Smell the eucalyptus. Look for some of the 30 species of raptors that call this place home. Walk on top of the thick branches of "Wood Line." Admire the 90-foot tall Spire sculpture. Readings and experiences appropriate for the day. You’ll return home knowing 15 people in a new way, so come to build friendships, too.

Guides will be available. Car pool together and lunch at the Presidio. Hearty snacks provided for the walk together. Leave from Davis at 10:30am and return between 5:30-6:00pm.

15 1 .0000025E9 25 .0000025E9 25 2/25/17 10:30 AM
MI0003 MI3 Miscellaneous Auction Team Wine raffle ticket
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Win 50 bottles of wine in our wine raffle. Only 100 tickets will be sold. 100 61 .000075E9 750 .000005E9 50
MM0001 MM1 Meals and More Marion Becker & Joyce Takahashi Elegant Sunday Brunch
Invalid Image LinkInvalid Image Link
Sunday brunch at University Retirement Community is indeed a special treat. All you can eat of an endless variety of healthy and not so healthy food, vegetarian available. 4 0 .0000025E9 25 .0000025E9 25