The UUCR Auction 2018 : Come to the Carnival!
November 10th 2018 6:00-9 p.m.

The auction is the funniest event on the UUCR calendar. You have the opportunity to join the auction committee and be part of the most amusing committee in church history. My name is Ron Bracy and I co-chair the best committee ever with Kathy Deligianis. Please consider joining us on November 10th 2018. We are very experienced with the auction and will give you all the help you need to have a good time and feel good about helping the our church’s finances. We have single tasks that just take an hour or you can be one of our amazing captains. Please look over the stuff that was auctioned last year by clicking the "Catalog Grid" tab at top of this page. Click to sign up
Donations are being accepted! Click the Donate button above.
  • Please put in an estimated value and minimum bid price – you know your item better than we do and we hate to guess!
  • Capitalize all important words in the title (but not “and,” “the” or “by” for example).
  • Spell out numbers in titles (i.e Three Gold Rings, not 3 Gold Rings).
  • Pick the most appropriate category for your event or item.
  • Physical items should have minimum bids > $15. Services have no minimum opening bid.
  • Make sure to check the box (Winner takes it home?) if your item is a “thing.”
  • All descriptions should end with a period or exclamation points, even if the description is not a sentence.
  • If you are hosting an event with more than 4 guests, you should pick a date and time.
  • Putting in a picture of your item is very, very helpful.
  • Put your items in early – the deadline is Thursday before the auction.
  • To repeat donations from last year, you can use the "Offer Again" link next to those items on your last year's statement. Starting from this year's press the year link inside the "Other Years" box to see your last year's statement.

    If you aren't sure what to offer, browse the catalog to see what others have offered.


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    GC2 Ron Bracy
    AMC Movie Gift Card $25
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    AMC Movie Gift Card $25
    1 25.0